Millersville Releases Images of Identity Evropa Members Who Put Recruitment Posters on Campus

The Raging Chicken Press has obtained through the Right to Know process images of Identity Evropa members, Ian Hoffmann and William Clark, placing white nationalist recruitment posters on Millersville University’s campus.   Identity Evropa recruitment posters were discovered on Elizabethtown College’s and Millersville University’s campus in early September as part of the organization’s “#ProjectSiege” social media campaign.  Identity Evropa is considered one of the fastest growing white nationalist organizations in the country.  It fancies itself as a fraternity for white nationalists and uses college campuses as its main recruiting grounds.

Previous recruitment posters from the organizations used to feature sculptures of Greek and Roman figures with “Let’s Become Great Again,” “Serve Your People,” “Our Future is Ours” and “Project Your Heritage.”  Now, these recruitment posters are using pictures of the movement’s leaders speaking into a bullhorn saying “Our Generation Our Future Our Last Chance” or “Action Leadership Identity.”  The group is also promoting their own media publications by including Arkos Media posters, which was founded by co-founder Daniel Friberg, in their latest round of recruitment.

Administrators from Elizabethtown and Millersville issued differing messages after the recruitment posters were found on their campuses.  Elizabethtown College President Carl J. Strikwerda released two lengthy statements condemning the distribution “white nationalist slogans and fliers” within days of their discovery.  Millersville University, however, claimed that university police “believe posters were photoshopped on Millersville landmarks or they put them up, took pictures then took them down” when confronted by students on Twitter.  Millersville officials then released a canned statement that the signs that “espouse white supremacists and neo-Nazi philosophies ” do not fall in line with their university branded “EPPIC” campus values.

The images obtained through the Right to Know request shows Ian Hoffmann, wearing a light blue, button-downed shirt, and William Clark, wearing a dark blue, button-downed shirt, placing recruitment posters inside Millersville University’s Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center and the McNairy Library and Learning Forum on the afternoon of Saturday, September 9, 2017.

Ian Hoffmann inside MU Library
Ian Hoffmann and William Clark inside MU Library
Ian Hoffmann and William Clark inside the Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center

Ian Hoffmann was arrested for assault and battery at the Unite the Right’s tiki torch march through the University of Virginia.  At the march, white nationalists were recorded chanting “blood and soil” and “you will not replace us.  Jews will not replace us.”  More recently, William Clark identified himself as the Pennsylvania coordinator and a “regional director” for Identity Evropa on the “Taking the Stand” podcast.  Clark was joined by Evan McLaren, the Executive Director for Richard Spender’s National Policy Institute and a self-proclaimed Identity Evropa member, and they discussed how they want to make Lancaster County, Pennsylvania a recruiting ground for the alt-right movement.


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2 Comments on Millersville Releases Images of Identity Evropa Members Who Put Recruitment Posters on Campus

  1. dude, MarineHeeb, I am absolutely against these cretins and I am glad RC is naming and shaming. But I’m working class, I know some fellow socialists that work at target and Walmart and risk their jobs by leaving Party propaganda out, and union propaganda. These two Nazis aren’t wearing Walmart Uniforms. They are wearing the Racist Uniform that the “Fashy” Movement, right down to the ugly haricut, promotes. Once again, I repeat, I am glad that RC names and shames these Nazis, and IDENTITY EVROPA belong nowhere, least of all in a hall of learning, but maybe lets not shame the working class by lumping them in with these two people–speaking as, one of the people these Nazis would like to strip of the right to vote and execute and jail b/c I am queer.

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