Out d’Coup for March 27,, 2020


Out d’Coup | Cuomo is Our Crisis Daddy; Life or Economy; 2 Trillion Dollar Stimulus; Biden Bunker; UK PM Tests Positive; PA Lockdown; Last Call Quarantine Mode

America’s Crisis Daddy, Andrew Cuomo, is quickly becoming a dark horse candidate for president with his calming and soothing press conferences during the current pandemic.  Have the Dems found their Messiah? 

Are you willing to risk your life for the economy? Fox News and Wall Street bankers want to send people back to work during the pandemic in order to protect the wealthy.  Some will live and some will die is their thinking.

The Senate passes a $2 Trillion stimulus package. The House begins debate today and may vote on the package soon, although there are some rumblings that there may be a delay after Republican Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky sought to force members to return to DC for the vote. We think we just go with Rashida Tlaib’s proposal, the “Automatic BOOST to Communities Act,”  which calls for minting two $1 trillion coins to fund the relief package without taking on debt. That can be done without taking on any debt under the legal authority of the Treasury Department. 

Joe Biden has finally spoken to masses from his coronavirus bunker.  And well, at this point Joe should not go on TV.   

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for the novel coronavirus.

And what will Trump pivot to in order to try to win reelection?

PA Governor Wolf went hard on the lockdown then backtracked due to pressure from the business sector. At least the PA Primary is postponed.

On today’s Last Call we shift into quarantine mode and bring you our suggestions for movies, books, and activities to make it through our new reality. Of course, we still bring you updates on the latest releases from Free Will Brewing and other local breweries. You can still pick up cans and bottles at Free Will through their online store and pick up service: https://www.freewillbrewing.com/store.

Special thanks to Jonathan Mann for letting us use his awesome song, “Mint the Trillion Dollar Coins,” for today’s podcast. Check out all his great work at JonathanMann.net and follow him on Twitter at @songadaymann.

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