Out d’Coup Podcast for February 28, 2020

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Out d’Coup | Coronavirus; SC Primary; Super Tuesday; Chris Matthews Fail; DNC Rules LOL; PA Lead for Bernie; KU Healthy Campus Town Hall; Mask Off Chancellor; Hill.TV’s Rising; Free Will Releases


Tomorrow is the South Carolina Democratic Primary. Then three days later it’s Super Tuesday. This week things really heated up with disastrous debate and polling that is all over the map. Oh, yeah, and who was that booing in the audience? Going into South Carolina Biden is either ahead by 20 points, or 16 points, or 9 points or 4 points. Pick your poll and make a case. 

Chris Matthews tries to redeem himself after equating Bernie Sanders’s victory in Nevada with the Nazi takeover of France. How do you ask? By interviewing Elizabeth Warren to grill about why anyone should believe a woman making harassment allegations against Billionaire Bloomsberg. 

We’ll tell you what you can do with your convention rules, DNC. Adam Green goes to TV to tell the world that Elizabeth Warren’s path to the nomination does not rely on winning any states. Huh? Bernie Sanders plans to rally with Silicon tech workers at San Jose City’s City Hall on Sunday. 

Bernie Sanders takes the lead in the latest Pennsylvania primary polling.  Senator Sanders is also leading in the key battleground states of Wisconsin and Michigan. 

This past Wednesday Kutztown University faculty and students held the first Town Hall for the Healthy Campus Bill of Rights. It was powerful.

The ax is getting closer to dropping as not enough faculty want to take the sick pay buyout for early retirement.

PA man goes through the coronavirus quarantine process. It’s cringe-worthy.

The return of Seven of Nine on Star Trek’s Picard and she’s not playing. 

What’s going on with that show Rising with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti

This Sunday is Free Will’s “Spirit of Mardi Gras: Barrel-Aged Celebration” They’ll be breaking out 2015 Vintage Ralphius in bottles from John’s Secret Stash. Tomorrow we’ll get Kangaroo Dreams – Dry-Hopped Saison Aged in Wine Barrels.

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