Men, Women, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

I can’t stay quiet any longer. I have friends who have been sexually harassed and assaulted. Thankfully they weren’t physically hurt, but still…. Sadly, all of them are women. Amazing, talented, incredible women, who never asked for any of this to happen to them. They were NEVER asking for it because of the way the dressed or their actions. No one ever is asking to be assaulted.
Ever since Harvey Weinstein was outed as the predator that he is, more and more men have been exposed. Most if not all have apologized for their actions and promised to reform. But, to be honest, this isn’t enough. They need to repent and make things whole again. They need help, they need to be taught that what they did isn’t right. If not criminally charged, they need to be sent for education and behavior training. We don’t live in the 1950s any more. Women should be treated as equals to men and treated as such.
A few days ago a very well know technology acquaintance of mine was outed as a sexual predator. My day was shot. I knew he had problems with substance abuse, but this…. I immediately told him what I thought of him and proceeded to sever all ties with him. He says he’s remorseful for his actions. Fine. But, an apology only goes so far. He needs help. He needs to make things whole. How? I don’t know. But he does.
Yesterday, I heard that the older George Bush, a few years ago, groped an actress on her butt from his wheel chair. I was shocked. I might not have agreed politically with him, but I never would have thought he would be one of those men. What makes it worse is that Barbara was standing right next to him when he did it and was complicit. She’s as guilty as he is for not stopping it. Bush apologized to the actress.
What I’m ashamed of is that, with the story of George Bush’s assault, I, at first chalked it up to him being old and off his rocker a bit. But you know what? THAT’S NO EXCUSE. And for Barbara to just chalk it up to him being a dirty old man, is totally outrageous.
I know, this had been a bit of a ramble and a rant, but I’ll leave you dear readers with this. MEN it’s time to stop this cycle. It’s time to STEP UP, MAN UP.
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  • Men, Women, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

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