The “Alt-Right” Movement Is About to Get a Lawyer in Evan McLaren

The white-nationalist “alt-right” movement is about to get it’s very own lawyer in Evan McLaren, who is the Executive Director of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute.

Last week, Evan McLaren tweeted “I passed the Pennsylvania bar exam.  Hail victory!” and responded to a tweet that the movement needs it’s very own “legal warriors.”


Pennsylvania has legal reciprocity with 40 states and the District of Columbia.

McLaren, who took part in the University of Virginia torch march and the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” event, came under scrutiny after the Patriot News published a story documenting that he was cited at the rally for unlawful assembly and proclaiming that he is not a Nazi.  McLaren was then identified as a volunteer law clerk for the Cumberland County District Attorney’s office and, recently, he took part in a series of demonstrations as a member of the white-nationalist organization, Identity Evropa.

In Lancaster City’s Penn Square, McLaren took the lead in a short Identity Evropa “demonstration” targeting Syrian refugees and labeling them as invaders.  Identity Evropa is also responsible for putting recruitment posters on Millersville’s and Elizabethtown’s campuses as part of the organization’s Project Siege campaign.



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