Identity Evropa Targets Lancaster Refugees in Latest Organizing Push

Lancaster Residents fill Penn Square in support of Refugee Community.

Cross burnings have become a thing of the past for the modern white nationalist movements.  Now, groups like Identity Evropa and other neo-fascist organizations are using their social media platforms to recruit new members and terrorize marginalized communities.

Over the weekend, Identity Evropa member, National Policy Institute Executive Director and former law clerk for the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office Evan McLaren tweeted a photo of him standing next to the Lancaster County GOP tent at the Ephrata Fair.  He then tweeted “Virgin empty GOP stand versus Chad Alt Right night demonstration” and linked to a video posted by Identity Evropa.

The Identity Evropa “night demonstration” in Lancaster’s Penn Square showed ldentity Evropa members unfurling a banner that read “Import the third world.  Become the third world.,” and chanted “You will not replace us” multiple times.  McLaren then starts speaking over a megaphone and takes aim at Lancaster City and their policy to bring in Syrian Refugees.  McLaren yells into the megaphone saying:

Listen up Lancaster City.  We are now with anti-white policies bringing Syrian invaders to our streets.  Letting them in our homes.  Lancaster City has brought 20 times more Syrian invaders per capita than any city in the United States.  We say enough.  The time is now.  We respect our safe and clean cities.  And they won’t be here for much longer.  If the question of pulling our culture, our way of life, our identity.  The time is now.  Stand up European Americans.  Stand up for who you are.  When they kill you.

My name is Evan McLaren.  I’m a member of Identity Evropa and the executive director of the National Policy Institute.

(This is the most accurate transcript I could come up with after listening to the video multiple times.)

In January,  Lancaster Stands Up organized a vigil in the wake of Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban.  The vigil and rally packed Penn Square and brought out thousands of residents from Lancaster City and the surrounding area.

A larger question remains.  Now that Steve Bannon has entered the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race by endorsing Scott Wagner for the Republican ticket, how emboldened will these neo-fascists and alt-right groups be over the next year and a half?  Donald Trump’s former Chief Strategist and current editor for Breitbart news once called his news site “the platform for the alt-right.”

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