White Nationalist Recruitment Posters Reported on Kutztown University Campus as Part of National Campaign

White nationalist recruitment posters began appearing on Kutztown University’s campus tonight as part of a nationwide campaign conducted by the white nationalist/alt-right group Identity Evropa. The group began posting pictures from their campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #ProjectSiege.

The flyers included pictures of ancient Greek statues overlaid with the slogan “Let’s Become Great Again” or “Serve Your People” and the group’s name. Pictures from other college campuses showed fliers with the slogans, “Our Future is Ours” and “Project Your Heritage.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Identity Evropa was founded in March 2016 by Nathan Damigo, a former Marine corporal who first launched his brand of alt.right white nationalism on the campus of Cal State Stanislaus.

Damigo…is part of the so-called alt-right movement. Some experts who study extremism say he is emblematic of the young, web-savvy racists who are trying to intellectualize and mainstream bigotry. Damigo and others like him have set their sights in particular on college campuses, eager to take on hostile audience in hopes of getting their message across. 

Northern California Anti-Racist Action noted in October 2016, that Domingo and his white-nationalist brainchild is very much focused on expanding a neo-fascist movement:

Damigo is interested in building a fascist movement, not just in popularizing images for online consumption through twitter. For instance, earlier this year Damigo and his circle of Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and Trump supporters held a rally at UC Berkeley that was live-streamed by Red Ice Radio, an extremist, anti-Semitic media outlet. Damigo has worked on and off with Red Ice Radio in recent months. He reported for them at the RNC with fellow white supremacist Richard Spencer, and spoke with them at the American Renaissance conference, a gathering that presents fascist and racist ideas as ‘scientific’ and ‘biological’. All of this signals the beginnings of a new fascist movement- one that incorporates many different groups, seeks to ride the coattails of the Trump campaign, and has the potential to build something much more lasting and destructive.

Emboldened by Donald Trump’s election victory and Domigo’s broader connections to the alt.right (e.g. neo-fascist, racist, white nationalist) movement, Identity Evropa’s #ProjectSiege has made its way to Pennsylvania. This is a troubling, yet not unexpected development mirroring a national trend.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center annual report, “Intelligence Report,” Pennsylvania has the fifth highest number of hate groups in the country, including a known Ku Klux Klan chapter in Bally, PA – just a half-hour drive from Kutztown University’s campus.

Here are some of the pictures posted to Twitter earlier today.

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6 Comments on White Nationalist Recruitment Posters Reported on Kutztown University Campus as Part of National Campaign

  1. And you just helped them with what they set out to do. Campus posters are ignored all the time by students, instead of taking them down quietly, the school sent out 2 emails about it and branded the group as the fascist hate group, the minute they don’t promote a liberal agenda. Played right into their hands.

    They got more exposure this way, and the people that agree with them won’t be turned off to the group because of their posters taken down. And since the school made such a big deal of it, rather than just remove unsolicited posters without a press release, it once again makes the liberals claiming a moral victory look like the fascists, censoring speech they find offensive.

  2. What do you expect when Black Lives Matter is promoted. ‘ “Yusra Khogali wrote on Facebook that “Whiteness is not humxness” and that “white skin is sub-humxn,” according to The Toronto Sun. (Khogali intentionally misspells “human” in order to eliminate “man” from the word, a common practice among left-wing feminists.) She goes on to say that white people are “recessive genetic defects” who “need white supremacy to protect their survival as a people.” ‘ (Peter Hasson). “Former press secretary to Bernie Sanders and Democratic strategist Symone Sanders mocked and dismissed a Donald Trump supporter who was beat up by a Chicago mob on CNN, “Oh my goodness, poor white people. Please.” Pomona College has an art show for ” people of color only” so as not to upset POC and please don’t bring any Whites! POC block a bridge at UC-Berkeley to prevent White students from crossing, while shouting, what would be deemed racist chants, had it been reversed. “White Privilege” is thrown around by Harvard educated Blacks and is being taught to White children in class rooms. That is igniting a flame in those Whites who have struggled for generations and never seen the inside of a college. It is the Anti-White atmosphere, promoted by Sharpton, Obama and Black Lives Matter that has created this. Did you think PED would not push back? This is ugly. EVERYONE needs to check their prejudice. No race is superior or inferior to another. Everyone has a right to exist in this country, EVERYONE, that includes Whites.


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