Join Save the Upper Darby Arts on Social Media to Raise Awareness for Public Education Funding


Join “Save the Upper Darby Arts” on Thunderclap raising awareness for public education funding.

From curriculum, to rising issues of violence in schools, to massive budget cuts, our legislators in Pennsylvania have not been looking out for children in public schools. Why? Because we’ve allowed them to do so. It’s time to stand up and demand action for Pennsylvania children.¬†Take the SUDA Pledge.

Over the past three years, massive cuts have been waged upon public schools in Pennsylvania. These policies have had detrimental effects not only on the students who are directly impacted, but the tax payer who avoids a tax hike at the state level while seeing their local property taxes sky rocket, and the ability to sustain one’s property values in general. ¬†While Pennsylvania citizen has felt all of the ramifications of these cuts, those who have implemented these cuts have not been impacted politically.

Now is the time to stand up for all of us. Now is the time to say enough is enough and demand a restoration in funding – almost $1 billion that has been cut, just at the state level, under the leadership of the Corbett administration.

We also need to join the 48 other states that have a funding formula for public schools. Pennsylvania funds their schools through a politicized process, which is an abomination, since public education is a mandated right in the Pennsylvania state constitution.

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