Help Hire an Organizer for Put People First! PA

ppf1Our friends at Put People First! PA are trying to hire a field organizer, and they need your help getting one.  Here’s a link to their crowdsourcing campaign, and here’s a statement from the group:

Put People First! PA is a new and fast-growing organizing effort to fight for the human rights of all Pennsylvanians. Communities across the state are in crisis- basic necessities like healthcare, education, housing, good food, and work with dignity are moving further and further out of reach for the vast majority of us.

This is a big problem, one that affects all of us, and solving it is going to take all of us as well. That means overcoming the isolation and fear that has kept us divided and powerless for far too long. To succeed, we need to build relationships between all kinds of people- those in urban and rural areas, from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, all genders, all ages and abilities, liberals and conservatives. We may not all have had the same experiences, but we face the same root causes of our problems, and we are stronger together!

That’s why we’re building Put People First! PA by bringing together Organizing Committees, groups of regular people joining up to talk about the problems our communities are facing and how we’re going to solve them, all across the state. By bringing people together in this way, we’re building the relationships that are the foundation for the movement we need to start putting people first in our state and across the country.

Building this movement will take a lot work from a lot of people. We don’t have a big budget or a large staff. Still, sustaining and coordinating this work takes people who can dedicate their time to it, and that takes resources. This summer we’re raising money to hire a field organizer so that we can keep growing and building power. It’s time for PPF-PA to move to the next level. This is a movement that will be built by us so that we can meet our needs, and we all have to pitch in to make it successful.

Hiring another field organizer means that we can build more relationships with more people in more parts of PA. It’ll mean having an organization that’s more in sync and that collaborates across counties and regions more effectively. Maybe most importantly, this field organizer’s work will support that of the many community leaders that are emerging as a part of Put People First! PA.

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