A Thank You from Wendy Lee

Editor’s note: The amazing Wendy Lee. Wendy has been with Raging Chicken Press right from the start. Any reader of “the Chicken” knows of Wendy’s fearless and unyielding work to stop the fracking industry. I can think of no one who better represents the spirit of what we set out to do when we started Raging Chicken Press in the spring of 2011. Wendy posted this “Thank You” and amazing collection of photos to our Facebook page. I want to repost her note here and say a huge thank you to Wendy for all that she does. You rock, Wendy!

From Wendy Lee:

Good morning to my many friends and allies from the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition. I wanted to take a moment this morning to say ‘Thank you.” Yesterday evening, just prior to Deborah Rogers excellent Frackanomics presentation at King’s College, I was presented with a beautiful framed drawing of a moment from the protest occupation of the Riverdale Mobile Home Community in honor of the work I did to help defend the park and its residents from Aqua America/PVR’s demolition to make way for a water withdrawal station.

I did not want to take away any time from the evening’s speaker – so I kept my “thank you” very short. But I need it to be known that my efforts there were those of one among a number of others without whom the 13 days we were able to stand for justice for these families would not and could not have happened.

In honor of all of these people, and in commemoration of an event that changed the lives of all of us involved in the invited occupation, I have organized the 16 sets of photographs into a Flickr Collection. It has been nearly a year–and the life of the anti-fracking movement has grown by leaps and bounds. but Riverdale–like Dimock before it–was one of the seminal moments of this movement and its history.

Here is Wendy’s Flickr Collection:

Riverdale: Fracking – What Happens to Any of Us
Happens to Us All – From Vigil to Final Eviction


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  1. Thanks for putting this up Kevin! it was an excellent lecture last night–and a great opportunity for my students to see an example of what a professor/citizen/activist looks like. 🙂

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