From the Frontlines – Samantha Brown talks about the Children in Shale Country

Editor’s Note: The following video is from Jay Wilcox of Urban Disaster Records.  In his latest video, Jay Wilcox features Samantha Brown an 18 year old resident of Beaver County.  In the video, Samantha talks about how fracking is affecting the younger children in the area, and she shares her worries with having frack-wells surrounding her community. 

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4 Comments on From the Frontlines – Samantha Brown talks about the Children in Shale Country

  1. I didn’t have time to read this story but I’m going to comment anyway.
    If fracking is as bad as you say it is, why aren’t you convincing people of it? I hear it’s about money all the time, but if fracking was so dangerous and so harmful, why hasnt the EPA done anything? Either the fed or state EPAs have authority to shut down fracking ops and since it would criminal to suppress any evidende about the harmful effects of fracking, it would be a vast criminal conspiracy to allow fracking to continue. On a side note, when you make a movie like the HBO Special on fracking where the guy set his kitchen sink water on fire, leaving the viewer to assume that it’s a result of fracking when it was not; you do not portray credibility.

  2. Well Kevin, apparently you have never heard of all the exemptions that fracking and associated drilling and disposal of waste has with the federal regulations.

  3. Kevin, Maybe the problem is you don’t have time to read. If you REALLY wanted to know the truth it is out there. Just type in fracking, toxins, water, illness, money, and any number of states across the country. ND, TX, PA, AR, OH, WV, CO…… READ READ READ Why are people across the nation all reporting the same issues. Maybe you work on a well pad, maybe not, if you do I pray your health is not effected in the future. Because your boss man does not care about you either. And yes, money, lobbyists, political pressures and greed are the reason fracking is still happening. And if you don’t think money and politics has anything to do with polluting our resources, READ, READ, READ.

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