From the Front Lines: Dimock Water Good Enough for Residents to Drink; Not Good Enough for EPA Officials to Drink (Video)

Editors Note: In our latest installment of Jay Wilcox’s “From the Front Lines” we bring you Ray Kimble from Dimock PA.  Ray Kimble is a resident in Shale Country, former truck driver for the natural gas industry, signed a lease, had his well water contaminated by Range Resources and is now an outspoken activist against the industry.  In the video, Ray is a straight talker and uses “colorful language”  to explain his meetings with toxicologists and EPA officials.  Ray and others were told that his water was safe to drink by these officials, so he decided to offer them a swig of some good ol’ Dimock Pale Ale.  When seeing the color of his well water, the toxicologist and EPA official declined to drink the water.  We’ll leave it here and let you watch the rest of the video.

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