All Fracked Up! June 25, 2011 @ Ithaca College

On June 25, 2011, Ithaca College with host the EPIC (Economy+Environment: Protection is Critical) ALL FRACKED UP! event.  The event will be a combination rally and informational meeting featuring 45 speakers, 6 movies, and 10 musicians.  EPIC All Fracked Up! will start at 8am and run all the way to 11pm.  This promises to be a crucial moment in the struggle to protect our water, our farms, our families, and our future.

Here’s a description from the All Fracked Up!  web page:

Announcing what is aiming to be the biggest no-frack event in history:

  • Connect with others regarding ongoing issues and outrage surrounding hydrofracking.
  • Experience the rare opportunity to listen to many well-known speakers in one venue — representing science, economics, health, legal opinion, and citizens with first-hand experience with fracking.
  • Movies — Screen cutting-edge documentary films by independent filmmakers.
  • Music — Hear live music with a message.
  • Learn what you can do to be involved and protect your wealth, health and welfare.

If you are planning on attending this event, let Raging Chicken Press know:!  We’d love to get reports, photos, and videos from people on the ground.  If you can’t be there, consider printing out THIS POSTER and spreading the work in your communities.

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