Out d’Coup Podcast for March 29, 2019


Out d’Coup | Mueller Report Lite; No Abrams for Biden; Big Week for AOC & GND; Wackadoo Mike Lee; DNC Blacklist; PA Special Election; Jesus, Borowicz; Climate Denial Circus; #PAPromise; NASA; Beer

Mueller Report dropped and it’s over 300 pages, but we just get to see the four-page Barr Report. Trump says he’s vindicated. Adam Schiff nearly explodes. And Rachel Maddow doubles down on Russia, Russia, Russia.

Stacy Abrams will not be Joe Biden’s VP nominee because “who wants to run for second place”

AOC brings the wrecking ball to Republicans who are playing games with our climate.

AOC will be on Chris Hayes’s show on MSNBC at 8 pm tonight for a special on the Green New Deal. Live from the Bronx. And polls continue to show that the GND is super popular with people from coast to coast.

Just in time too. On Monday, a new report from the International Energy Agency shows that the world’s energy demands grew by 2.3 percent this past year and a fleet of relatively young coal plants located in Asia led the way toward a record for emissions from coal-fired plants — exceeding 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide “for the first time,” according to the report.

Senator Mike Lee puts on a performance that may just win an award for all time stupid. And juvenile. And, well, pretty disgusting when you get down to it. When you start your show with a painting of Ronald Reagan on a velocirapter shooting a machine gun, you need to check yourself. Or at least quit your job.

The Center of Investigative Reporting gets its hands on an hour-long recording of oil executives celebrating and laughing after Trump appointed the lawyer from  American Petroleum Association of America to the Department of the Interior.

Trump admin is trying to shut down Obamacare.

Facebook says it’s going to ban white nationalists and white supremacists from the platform. We’ll see.

The DNC blacklists consultant groups who choose to work with primary challengers.

There’s a special election in the PA Senate’s 37th district this week.  Pam Iovino is running against the uber-rich Republican D. Raja. This seat was vacated by Guy Reschenthaler’s Congressional victory and Democrats are looking to pick this seat up.

Daryl Metcalfe invites climate deniers, I mean “skeptics,” from Das Heartland Institute to speak in front of the house environmental committee. Meanwhile, the biggest takeaways from the hearing were that 1) Leanne Krueger doesn’t give a fuck about your self-published climate denial books; and, 2) that climate deniers find the term “climate deniers” derogatory.

State Rep Stephanie Borowicz was seconds away from seeing snakes coming from the capitol dome and speaking in tongues as she gave an extremely racist and Islamophobic opening prayer on the day that Pennsylvania’s first Muslim woman, Movita Johnson-Harrell, was sworn into the house. We get some hate mail, too!

Minutes after that Rep Borowicz went off to the Health committee to vote on taking money from poor people because Jesus always said: “blessed are the rich, for they shall inherit every damn thing they want.” See Matthew 5:3-12, aka the Beatitudes

Fallout from the prayer has Democrats asking for a censure of Borowicz and her Islamophobic prayer while Metcalfe is asking to censure Democrats because of their censure.

Big rally in the state Capitol for the #PAPromise – tuition free college in PA.

Mike Pence tries to channel Kennedy’s moon landing speech, saying that NASA will speed up its plan to return Americans to the moon by 2024. Maddow briefly covers the announcement and misses a bigger picture.

Today NASA was supposed to make history with the first-ever all women space walk. They had to cancel because the didn’t the right sized space suits.

NASA will introduce a new mini-helicopter for its Mars 2020 mission.

Sean receives three and a half pound all-metal cylinder right before today’s podcast.

It’s another Sour Sunday this weekend at Free Will Brewing taproom in Perkasie. Get first access to their brand new bottle release – Flowers in the Desert, a blended mature sour ale aged in oak barrels with Arizona Prickly Pear provided by and made in collaboration with our friends from the Southwest, O.H.S.O. Brewery. We’ll also have both Tré Locally Sourced and Taza Truck set up out front.

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