Out d’Coup Podcast for Friday, March 22, 2019

Out d’Coup | NZ Assault Ban; #EggBoy; Climate Crisis; Deep Throat?; Bernie Union; Beto Bucks; Nunes’ Mom; PA Anti-Union Bill; Safe Patient Ratios; #PAPromise Rally; PABPC Summit; Space News; Beer!

New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern moves to ban all assault rifles and automatic or semi-automatic weapons. Just like that Vulcan and Moloch are thrown back to the underworld. #EggBoy becomes a global hero for egging fascist Australian politician, Fraser Anning. And, predictably, liberal guardians of civility decide to discipline #EggBoy and “both-sides” the issue.

Wisconsin Republican’s plan to strip power of incoming Democratic governor shot down as unconstitutional.

The flooding in Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa in the aftermath of the latest “Bomb Cyclone” should be shaking us awake about our climate future. We have less than 12 years now folks. Some union leaders from the AFL-CIO come out hard against the Green New Deal and right-wing and corporate media eats it up.

PA Auditor General Eugene DePasquale hosted a public hearing on Penn State’s campus on the impacts of climate change on the state. DePasquale said, “Every time there’s a disaster in Pennsylvania, it’s a hit to the state’s taxpayers, as opposed to if we were able to do something beforehand to mitigate this.” A report will be forthcoming.

Democratic Presidential hopeful former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper makes his primetime campaign debut by telling the world about the time he went to go see Deep Throat with this mom. Then in his recovery, he asks why women candidates aren’t asked if they plan on choosing a male running-mate.

Bernie’s campaign makes history as campaign staffers form a union! Wooo. Bernie goes public with his support and uses the moment to advocate for more unionization across the country.

Speaking of moms, Devin Nunes is not happy with his Twitter mom, so he’s going to sue her. And her cow. When Devin Nunes’ Cow tweeted, “Devin’s boots are full of manure. “He’s udder-ly worthless and it’s pasture time to mooove him to prison.”

Beto O’Rourke brings in some big fundraising numbers, $6.1 million. He’s a little vague on the details, though.

Pennsylvania House Republicans failed at fast-tracking an anti-union bill through the chamber this week and it was a call for a roll call vote that killed it, for now.

SEIU Healthcare PA, PASNAP and the Coalition of Nurses were in the capitol on Wednesday to lobby for safe patient ratios in hospitals across the state

PA Promise Rally in the Capitol next Wednesday. The PA Promise is legislation that would bring tuition-free college to the PA State System of Higher Education.

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center held its annual Budget Summit this week.

Vice President’s baby, the National Space Council, will be pushing hard to make the June 2020 launch date to return humans to the moon. Better bring the Preparation H because NASA researchers finding that the longer astronauts spend in space, the more like they are to reactivate the herpes virus.

Galactic capitalists getting really excited about turning the eighth continent, the Moon, into a mining and rocket fuel operation. For real. Toyota is getting tapped by Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency to develop a big-ass, off-road lunar rover. As expected, Boeing is delaying the test launch of its crew capsule from April to August.

Known millennial hater, Mark Price, is popping up in some odd places doing some pithy subtweeting.

This Sunday, Free Will is hosting The March Meltdown 5K from 10 am – 1 pm. The Meltdown begins and ends at Free Will Brewing Company in Perkasie, PA. This unique 5k race takes place on the scenic trails in and around Perkasie and along the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. The Meltdown is open to runners and walkers of all ages, but you must be 21 or older (with a valid ID) to get your free craft brew from Free Will.

And Free Will releases Holographic Universe tomorrow, March 23 – Sour Ale with boysenberry, plum, sweet basil, and milk sugar (6.4%) is available in cans and on draft this Saturday, March 23rd in both Perkasie and Peddler’s Village taprooms!

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