Out d’Coup Podcast for April 5, 2019

Out d’Coup | Socialists in Chicago; Milwaukee Working Families; Fundraising Numbers; Highlander Fire; Creepy Joe; Iovino Win; Turzai LOL; Sanders on Fox; Robots Coming; Space; Floating Cities; Beer

Trump breaks the news that windmills cause cancer. Oh, and there are oranges in the Mueller report.

Socialists win big in Chicago! Chicago DSA members will now hold 10% of Chicago’s alderman positions.  Why don’t you put that in your pipe and smoke it, Rham?

Working Families Party-backed candidates win big in Milwaukee’s school board elections. They now control 5 of the 9 seats on the board. That’s good news in the wake of the loss of a State Supreme Court seat in the badger state.

White power symbols found after fire destroys part of the Highlander Research and Education Center outside of Knoxville, TN. Highlander was instrumental in training activists for the civil rights movement and has been one of the most important organizing institutes in U.S. history.

Bernie Sanders leads the field of presidential candidates in fundraising with $18.2 million dollars. MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt tweeted out this week,

“If we used the metrics of ANY other year and applied them to Bernie he would be called a frontrunner ( came in 2nd last time;  almost won Iowa, won NH; near the top of early polls; huge fundraising numbers; proven appeal to the base of the party) And yet he gets ignored. It’s absurd”

As “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg’s presidential campaign shows surprisingly good fundraising numbers, a new poll shows that nearly 70% of Americans are just fine with a gay presidential candidate.

It was not such a good week for former Vice President Biden who’s rapidly earning the nickname of “Creepy Uncle Joe.”  

Pam Iovino defeats D. Raja in the special election for the PA 37th Senate District.  It’s the first major red to blue flip for the 2020 cycle that puts the Pennsylvania Senate in play.  Iovino withstood attack ads linking her to AOC, Bernie, the Green New Deal, Universal Healthcare, support for abortion, and socialism.

Mike Turzai was caught calling pro-choice advocates “Nazis” at a Real Alternatives awards dinner and when called out on it, he said that his quote was “taken out of context.”

A new poll shows that Pennsylvanians have become increasingly concerned about climate change. What do you say, Governor Wolf? Still going with the “drill, baby, drill,” approach?

Bernie Sanders agrees to do a Fox News town hall in Bethlehem, PA on April, 15th. Yeah, that’s tax day.  The Sanders Campaign also hired Becca Rast from Jess King’s campaign to run Sanders’ national field campaign.

Congratulations to the faculty and staff at the Community College of Philadelphia who finally have a tentative agreement after three long years of negotiations. It was only when they were on the brink of striking that the City got serious about negotiations.

The Robots are coming…Well, they’ve actually been here for a while in Giant Food Stores across PA. But they will begin arriving in “waves” soon, according to Giant’s parent company Ahold Delhaize USA. UFCW is not fooled by the company’s claims that the robots will not lead to the loss of jobs. In December, Walmart rolled out their 360 autonomous, mini-Zamboni-like robots who clean floors and “collect data.” According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, as many as $800 million people may lose their jobs to robots by 2030.  What do you think, can we get that UBI, like yesterday? Yang, 2020.

Looks like the Lunar South Pole is a potential landing site for NASA’s 2024 humans-back-to-the-moon goal. Why? Protection from radiation and promising potential for water ice. That means…rocket fuel. Yes, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Moon officially needs to be required reading.

Despite last weeks ISS wardrobe malfunction which prevented the history all-women spacewalk, NASA says another medium-sized space suit not likely anytime soon.

If you’re getting a little uneasy about inaction on climate change, you might be comforted…or horrified…by this week’s United Nations roundtable about creating “Floating Cities” to handle mass refugees and the flooding of coastal cities. And, you bet there’s a company called Oceanix – no, this is not Peter Theil’s baby. They have plans.

“He who controls the spice controls the universe!” Totally psyched that Dune is going into production. The new version of Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi series will be directed by Denis Villeneuve, who did an awesome job with the 2017 sequel of Blade Runner.

Sean has been playing with his new toy with awesome results.

Shout out to my colleague Sandi Leonard and her co-creators for their really cool role-playing game, MajiMonsters. It’s like a cross between Dungeons and Dragons and Pokemon. Very cool. The game is available from DriveThru RPG after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Free Will releasing “Acai Mash” on Saturday. This beer is brewed with 850 pounds of acai puree, milk sugar, and vanilla. It comes in at 7.5% ABV and will be available in 4 packs at both the Perkasie and Peddler’s Village locations.

If you’re looking for something a little different, you might want to check out Free WIll’s special event, a “Toast to Cheese,” next Wednesday, April 10 as part of their cellar pairing series. There will be 4 courses of fine, locally produced cheese from Calkins Creamery (Honesdale, PA). Each accompanied by a delectable bite of specialty toast and, of course, some of our favorite brews.

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