#PAGov: Scott Wagner’s Rationale for Hanging with the Moonies? “Well He’s the Owner of the Business”

Last night in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, former State Senator Scott Wagner was confronted over his trip to Tommy Guns Warehouse, which is owned by Justin Moon, the brother of Newfoundland Sanctuary Cult leader Sean Moon.  Earlier this year, the Newfoundland Sanctuary Cult gained national attention when the cult followers brought their AR-15’s to church for a blessing ceremony that produced images just as stunning as they would sound.

At last night’s town hall, a woman confronted Scott Wagner by asking: “I wanted to know, why did you lie about campaigning with the Rod of Iron Ministries?”  Senator Wagner responded with: “I went to visit a business in Pike County.  It was a meet and greet event and I believe there were a hundred people there and I did not campaign with them.”   Wagner continued by saying “I went to meet with other people.  I didn’t do an interview and I left.”

The lady then responds by saying “he introduced you at the event.  A cult leader” to which Scott Wagner responds “well, he’s the owner of the business.”

You can watch the full exchange right here.

After being introduced by the cult leader, Scott Wagner told Sean Moon that the two of them agrees on 98 percent of the issues.

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