White Nationalist Making Over $181,000 Working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Update 7/10/2018:  A spokesperson from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry issued the following statement: “The commonwealth opposes discrimination of all kinds and has strong policies in place to prohibit and prevent discrimination by employees in the delivery of programs and services to the public. We also have policies in place that regulate conduct in the workplace and using workplace equipment. We are looking into the issues raised by your inquiry.”

Raging Chicken Press learned this week that Maura Smith-Mitsky, a Disability Physician Assistant within the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, is an advocate for and a member of the “alt-right.”  Smith-Mitsky made $181,549 in 2017, which placed her in the top three percent of all Commonwealth employees earning a six-figure salary.  The PennWatch database, which tracks Commonwealth employees and salaries, shows that Smith-Mitsky has been working at the Department of Labor and Industry since 2012. 

A source within the Department of Labor and Industry was able to identify Smith-Mitsky as the person in her profile photos on her Twitter and Gab accounts.  This source explained that her job is to review medical records to determine if a claimant meets the qualifications for a disability.  It is not known if race plays a part in her decision making.  

Maura Smith-Mitisky’s twitter account, @GemLeola, features a cover photo that reads “MAD WHITE BAM,” with “Mothers Against the Disparagement of White Boys and Men” under the acronym. Her Twitter bio states:

“White Identitarian.  1957. Crushed by the impending fall of Europe and the increasing hatred of white man, I was given hope by the AltRight.  Thank you RBS.”

Smith-Mitsky also uses the Gab social media network to interact with members of the white supremacist “alt-right” movement.  Gab was created in August 2016 as a haven for white nationalists and members from the alt-right who were kicked off a Twitter or Facebook for hate speech.  The alt-right movement was able to utilize these newly created social media networks to mobilize and get members to attend the Unite the Right riot that happened in Charlottesville.  In the days after the Unite the Right rally, Gab was able to raise $500,000 in donations.       

On Twitter, Smith-Mitsky frequently retweets alt-right popularities like Richard Spencer, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and Paul Ramsey.  She also has retweeted white-nationalist groups and publications like Identity Evropa, Defend Evropa and VDare, which is named after Virginia Dare, the first white child born on American soil.  A recent tweet that Smith-Mitisky retweeted came from “Apartheid Hana” read:

Whites are conquerors.  Whites are inventors. Whites are a little crazy.  But we fucking get things done.

If my ancestors conquered your cave-dwelling ancestors but brought them to civilization then stop fucking bitching about it.  You wish you were us.

In one of her first tweets going back to September 2017, Maura Smith-Mitsky said that she “feared for my sons in this time of crescendo anti-white-male sentiment.  Recent trends have done nothing to allay my fear. We are brothers.”  Thee account that she quote tweeted was suspended by Twitter.  In a more recent tweet, she stated she and the Alt-Right are “all concerned about the abuse of European women by migrants,” but “many times the woman or girl was so bombed she needed help to walk when she was picked up.”  Another tweet revealed that Maura Smith-Mitsky attended the 2018 American Renaissance Conference that attracted neo-fascist groups and speakers like Identity Evropa, Marcus Follin, Jared Taylor and more.  At the 2013 American Renaissance Conference, Matthew Heimbach, leader of the now defund Traditionalist Workers Party, asked Paul Ramsey “where do we create our ethnostate?” and Ramsey replied “We need to Balkanize and create our own homeland.  We have a right to exist.” The Southern Poverty Law Center reported the Ramsey suggested “the Southwest for Latinos and the Southeast for African Americans.”

Video of Identity Evropa leader Patrick Casey talking about “white identitarianism” at the 2018 American Renaissance Conference.

On Twitter and Gab, the alt-right social media platform, Smith-Mitsky regularly interacts with or professors her support for Evan McLaren and Jason Kessler.  McLaren, who used to be a law clerk for the Cumberland County District Attorney’s office, holds a high-level position with Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute.  Kessler was one of the main architects of the Unite the Right Rally that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer, a counter-protester.  On the Gab platform, Smith-Mitsky is seen giving support for Jason Kessler, in a post she wrote:

Jason has had a lot on his shoulders.  He seems to be completely alone in Charlottesville trying to deal with this legal stuff.  I would like to see him get a little support.  You know, those law school library Periscopes he puts out are just pathetic.  (He tries to sit down and read and a group of awful smug Antifa surrounds him.  Some carrying signs that say “murderer”.)

I know people need to be tough to be active in the Alt Right.  But everyone could use support. 

Brainstorm…..How could NPI help [Jason Kessler]?

Any bridge builders out there?     

On another occasion, Jason Kessler tweeted that he was writing a story for VDare about how Jacob Goodman, Alex Ramos, and others “have been denied a fair trial due to false statements by Deandre Harris & prosecutorial misconduct by the Charlottesville government.”  Deandre Harris was the teenager that was attacked in the parking garage.  Smith-Mitsky responded, which was liked by Jason Kessler, by saying: “they are lucky you are there.  I don’t suppose that Mr. Harris will recant.  I hope the prosecutorial misconduct is glaring.  The only time heard of a DA getting nailed for misconduct was the rape trial out of Duke.  Four young men were charged inappropriately.”  Earlier that day when Kessler wrote his original tweet, Jacob Goodwin and Alex Ramos were both found guilty of malicious wounding in their attack on Deandre Harris.  

We will update the story once a statement from the Department of Labor and Industry has been issued.


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