Rick Smith Show Named Top Ten Podcast for 2015!

UPDATED: 2:41 pm, 1/14/16

Earlier today, the Rick Smith Show was named as one of Podbean’s top ten podcasts for 2015 in the News and Politics category. Rick’s Labor History in 2:00 podcast also made it on Podbean’s top ten in the Education category.

As readers of Raging Chicken Press know, we have worked closely with Rick over the years to expand a progressive media network in Pennsylvania. On most Mondays, I join Rick for “Raging Mondays,” to talk about stories we are following at Raging Chicken.

Getting named to Podbean’s Top 10 for 2015 was especially rewarding given that 2015 was the first year that Rick invested significant time and energy in developing a the show’s podcast on Podbean. “It is a great honor to be recognized by Podbean as one of their Top Ten Podcasts in both the News and Politics category and their Education category for our daily feature Labor History in 2,” Rick told me earlier today. “More than being just an honor.  It shows that working class radio is in demand.  It shows that voices outside the mainstream corporate controlled advertising-centric model are in demand.”

Not only is this a win for Rick, it is a win for all the activists and unions who have appeared on the Rick Show and supported the show’s growth over its ten-year run.

“Rick Smith consistently shines through the dark sea of ultraconservative talk radio and social media,” APSCUF President, Ken Mash told Raging Chicken Press. “Rick is a true champion of Pennsylvania’s working women and men, and his show consistently provides information and perspectives that one can find nowhere else. Congratulations to him; he is most deserving of recognition.”

Abe Amoros, the PA Legislative Director for LiUNA and regular guest on the Rick Smith Show, echoed Mash’s comments. “Rick Smith is one of the smartest and incisive radio hosts today,” he said.  “His grasp of issued affecting working people is not only informative and entertaining but thought-provoking.  He gets it.  And as a result, his listeners are better informed, as well.”

Congratulations to Rick from all of us at Raging Chicken Press! This is a win for fight-back, activist media in Pennsylvania and across the country!


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