Philadelphia Port Authority Considers Dirty Energy Projects at Southport

Green Justice Philly Coalition calls for clean energy and jobs instead of more air and water pollution at Philadelphia Ports

Photo credit: Green Justice Philly web page.

PRESS STATEMENT: Green Justice Philly Coalition                      

Philadelphia, PA – The Green Justice Philly coalition (GJP) expressed disappointment with the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) Shortlist of applicants for development of the Southport Marine Terminal on the Delaware River who are including polluting energy projects in their proposals. Proposals that would jeopardize the health and safety of Philadelphians were submitted by Philadelphia Energy Solutions and USDGroup; these projects expand fossil fuel development.  For details on the short list of respondents, see:

“The Paris Agreement on Climate Change points the world toward a future powered by renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. A vibrant Philadelphia economy needs to leave 19th century thinking behind and develop a 21st century infrastructure.  We should seize opportunities to support businesses that are clean and safe, not polluting and dangerous,” said Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, steering committee of Green Justice Philly.

“Projects that increase air and water pollution are bad for Philadelphia and bad for business, for neighborhoods, and for workers.  It is time for Philadelphia and the Ports to reject dirty development of shale gas and oil.  PRPA projects should support the long-term boom in wind and solar, not a short-term bubble in fossil fuels.  We need sustainable jobs in safe work places that support healthy communities and a clean environment for all of us, said Tracy Carluccio, Deputy Director of Delaware Riverkeeper Network, a Green Justice Philly steering committee member.

“Residents of Philadelphia are already exposed to air quality that regularly fails to meet federal air pollution standards,” said Matt Walker, Outreach Director with Clean Air Council and Green Justice Philly Steering Committee member. “The Council opposes any proposal that includes harmful projects that would increase air pollution and risk the health of people in nearby neighborhoods,” Walker added.  “Philadelphia leaders should ensure that we continue efforts to become the most sustainable city in the country by rapidly shifting away from fossil-fuel based energy to renewable energy and energy efficiency – a shift that could result in at least 9,000 local jobs in those sectors by 2025.”

Green Justice Philly is a diverse and growing coalition committed to building a healthy, sustainable and economically just Philadelphia region. We work together to oppose the dirty fossil fuel industry that puts our neighborhoods at risk, makes our citizens sick, and does not contribute to our long-term prosperity.


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