#PABudget Zombie Amendments Gives $150,000 in Grift to Natural Gas Group & Continues Attacks on Abortion Providers

For the third consecutive year, zombie amendments that give grift to a small natural gas non-profit and attack abortion providers have made it into the Senate’s Fiscal Code, HB 1327.

In 2013 and 2014, the Raging Chicken Press reported that a small natural gas non-profit, Safer PA, received $150,000 to conduct independent research of the natural gas industry, but in 2014, Governor Corbett line item vetoed that out of the final budget.

The 2013 fiscal code read:

“From the funds appropriated for Environmental Program Management, $150,000 shall be used for independent research regarding natural gas drilling.”

The 2014 fiscal code read:

“From funds appropriated for environmental program management, $150,000 shall be used for independent research of natural gas drilling”

If my suspicions are correct, there will be more grift handed out to some sort of natural gas “non-profit.”  The 2015 Fiscal Code reads:

“$150,000 shall be used for independent research by a not-for-profit entity which partners with higher education institutions, to identify, characterize and manage issues related to the economic and environmental impact of Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Development.”

That’s on page 48 of the Fiscal code.  With the money Safer PA has received in prior budgets, it has only published 2 reports in three years.  Makes you ask what they are doing with that money.

Another zombie amendment that has snuck it’s way into the Senate’s fiscal code diverts a million dollars in federal grant money from non-profits that “refer for or perform abortions or engage in any counseling” to pregnancy crisis centers that encourage women to bare the child.  That’s on page 62 of the bill.  Tara Murtha from RH Reality Check has been following this issue since last year.


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