#PABudget: House Democrats Hold All the Power in Ending Budget Stalemate

House Democrats maybe an extreme minority in the lower chamber, but in a parliamentary way of thinking, they hold all the chips when it comes to ending the budget stalemate because of the dysfunction and division among House Leadership and the Conservatives and mainstream Republicans in the House GOP.  This makes the Democratic caucus the single largest voting bloc in the House.

On social media over the past couple of days, you can see the division within the House Republicans and the conservative movements.  State Representative Seth Grove, who represents the special interest groups pushing for a Washington DC style Government Shutdown, has been using the hashtags “#WeHeld” or “#WeCaved,” and then Nick Miccarelli – a Southeastern Moderate Republican – stated “dissension is not sedition.”  As eluded to above, special interests groups such as the Americans For Prosperity – which has ties to uber billionaire donors like the Koch Brothers – have been pressuring conservatives and Republicans to vote against any tax increase or they would be active in primarying them in the upcoming election.  State Senator Scott Wagner has joined the chorus saying that he will threaten to finance candidates against House Republicans who vote for the tax increases, which will include a modest raise in the personal income tax and other sales tax exemptions.

Media outlets are reporting that “House Leadership” – presumably David Reed – are pushing for today’s vote.  The tax plan has been drafted by House Democrats because House Democrats are the ones who hold the votes.  That’s why it was important for the House Democrats to hold a unity vote on the Governor’s original tax plan during the stalemate.  They are the largest voting bloc in the House and they hold all the power in ending the budget stalemate.  Get it done.


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