#PABudget: Legislator Wants to Make English Official Language to Cut Big Government Translation Fees

As if the #PABudget saga could take another turn.

Oh it has.

Republican Representative Ryan Warner, with the blessing of some House leaders, would like to make English the official language of Pennsylvania to save us some money in the fiscal budget.

Yes you read the correctly.

According to Warner, “if our budget impasse has taught us anything, it is that we must continue to look for every opportunity to cut wasteful government spending.”  So we must start looking under the sofa cushions to save every penny we can find.  How can we do that?

Make Pennsylvania’s official language, English.  So if you’re not a native speaker, piss off.  No translated documents for you!

Warner went on to say, “the role of government should be to encourage residents to learn English for their own benefit, not to use taxpayer dollars to support continual translation.”

His bill would make all documents printed in English and he is joined by State Government committee leader Darryl “Maddog” Metcalfe and Majority Whip Stan Saylor.  The bill is cosponsored by 19 other Republicans and lone Democrat Dom Costa.


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