Office of Open Records Ruling on Access to PASSHE Employees Home Addresses Expected Today

The Office of Open Records is expected to issue its “final determination” today as to whether the home addresses of employees at the 14 Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education universities should be handed over to anyone who files a right-to-know request, even when employees have objected to such disclosure. This case has been especially contestatory given that the right-to-know request comes from a rabid anti-union activist who has routinely used the right-to-know process as a way to sow divisions among employees and to tie up the time and resources of┬ástate government, public institutions, and labor unions.

During an appeals process that has extended for much of the summer, the anti-union group responsible for the request has continuously and singled-out and targeted Raging Chicken Press’s editor (yours truly) for harassment and threats because we dared to report on and challenge the agenda of the right-to-know requests.

Both the faculty union, APSCUF, and the staff union, AFSCME, have filed legal briefs on behalf of the several hundred members who have objected to having their home addresses released to the public. Some of the issues raised in those legal briefs have the potential of setting a new precedent concerning the right to privacy in the state of Pennsylvania.

Raging Chicken Press will continue to follow this story. Once the ruling is issued and we’ve had a chance to digest its significance. we will report back.

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1 Comment on Office of Open Records Ruling on Access to PASSHE Employees Home Addresses Expected Today

  1. I have followed this very closely, and because I am among those faculty for whom release of my home address clearly endangers my safety, I have also asked to be exempted from any such right-to-know request.

    But the issues are far greater than this. This organization has no other agenda but union-busting and the harassment of faculty at unionized colleges and universities. Ultimately, the aims here are not reserved to PASSHE faculty members, but to the end of public-sector unions across the state and the country.

    At a time when the academy is increasingly subjected to the compromise of its humanities and science programs–when it is becoming increasingly corporatized and privatized–it becomes doubly important to preserve and strengthen our unions as a bulwark against these encroachments.

    But our union–APSCUF–must itself become far more savvy and far more responsive to this new day of union-busting. We must commit ourselves to do more and more aggressively to protect our members and promote their academic freedoms.

    The academy depends on it.

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