Welcome to the Raging Chicken Tap Room

"Techno" IPA, Free Will Brewing Co. , Perkasie, PA.
Image Credit: Brewers Association
Image Credit: Brewers Association

According to Thrillest – the online media site devoted to food, drink, and travel – Pennsylvania comes in at #8 in the United States when it comes to beer. That has a whole lot to do with PA’s exploding craft beer scene. If you are looking just at the Northeast, PA is #2 behind only Vermont in Thrillest’s rankings. According to the latest data available from the craft beer trade group the Brewers Association, Pennsylvania ranks #2 in the United States for the total barrels of craft beer produced each year and #4 in the economic impact of the state’s craft beer industry.

Here at Raging Chicken Press, we love things local. And given Raging Chicken Assistant Editor Sean Kitchen’s passion for craft beer (as passion that is contagious, I warn you), it was only a matter of time before our love of craft beer found its way onto our site. For month’s now, Sean and I have been talking about doing a series on craft beer, focusing specifically on PA and our region. The idea is to support, celebrate, and promote PA’s craft brewers and tell their stories.

Welcome to the Raging Chicken Tap Room.

Over the next several weeks, Sean and I will be working on a format for our little endeavor. We are looking at starting a short weekly podcast highlighting one beer or one brewery each week. We are especially interested in brewers that go out of their way to source their ingredients from local farms and who are building sustainable breweries that treat their workers as partners. If you have ideas, shoot them our way! Leave ideas and suggestions in the comment section below, or shoot me an email at editor@ragingchickenpress.com.

Why now? Well, as you may have heard, Sean Kitchen has made the big move to Harrisburg to work at the Rick Smith Show. As you also may have heard, Raging Chicken Press and the Rick Smith Show are working closely together to establish a sustainable progressive media network in PA. We think this little podcast can add a whole new dimension to our work. Let’s face it, activist media is hard work. Gotta make space for fun at least once in a while!

The big kick off for the Raging Chicken Tap Room will be during the PA Progressive Summit, February 6-7 in Harrisburg. Sean and I will be hosting a Raging Chicken Press meet-up at Anthony’s Micro Pub & Pizza on Friday, February 6 to officially get the party started. Anthony’s, as Sean knows all too well, has over 70 beers on tap, many of them from Pennsylvania’s own craft beer industry. Keep your eyes out for details for the meet up next week.

In the meantime, here’s to kicking Tom Corbett out of office and the struggles ahead. Cheers!

"Techno" IPA, Free Will Brewing Co. , Perkasie, PA.
“Techno” IPA, Free Will Brewing Co. , Perkasie, PA.


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