Union Busting Swill Banned From Tom Wolf’s Inaugural Party

Yesterday, State Rep Mike Vereb announced that he was upset that Pennsylvania’s favorite union busting swill – Yuengling Lager – was left off the bar list for Tuesday’s inaugural party.   On the radio he said:

“What we found out last night is that there will be beer at this event, but there is a specific restriction and request to not have Yuengling product there.  Somebody, there’s a bureaucrat in this transition team that does not like Dick Yuengling because of his stance that he took in defending Governor Corbett on right-to-work a few years back.”

And then ended his complaints with “I really believe it’s bureaucracy at work. Who turns down free beer? It’s un-American.”

Good!  This is America.  And no it’s not “un-American” because in America we have a free-market system that allows us to make choices.  And if one doesn’t like to drink Yuengling because of their billionaire owner trying to affect the lives of millions of working class people, we have that choice.  On top of my beer snobbery to the 10th degree, I’ll never buy any Yuengling products because of that fact.   If Mike Vereb is looking for some beer that tastes like beer, I’ll be happy to offer him some suggestions.  Or possibly have one or two with him.


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  1. Hi Sean, was wondering if Wolfs cabinet distributing company was union and are all the other beers served at the event going to be union friendly ?

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