#PAPolitics: Blundercrat Dermody Must Go Down

This is just the beginning, but Representative Frank Dermody must step down as the Democratic Minority Leader or he should lose his leadership position to Representative Mike Sturla.

Frank Dermody is part of the Blundercrat Caucus that allowed the Republicans to pick up 8 House seats while a Republican incumbent lost a general election by double digits.

Politics PA Reports:

“It’s kinda incomprehensible that you could have a Republican Caucus that pretty much voted 100 percent with a governor that lost by 10 points and they would pick up eight seats,” Sturla told Zwick.

Rep. Dermody isn’t backing down, though, as he is defending his tenure by asserting that the election results show they were able to highlight Gov. Corbett’s harmful policies.

Another Blundercrat that needs to lose their leadership position is Tim Briggs, the head of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee.



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