#PAGov: Democratic Leadership Shit the Bed

Tom Wolf won by 10 points, but Pennsylvania Republicans picked up 3 Senate seats and 8 House seats.  Sure, there may be some gerrymandering involved, but the Democratic Party Leadership shit the bed, screwed the pooch, or any other appropriate metaphor.  It’s time for new leadership.

H/T Keystone Politics 

The reality is that you can’t vote for two people who fundamentally disagree with each other on the level of values, and then expect them to govern well together. There’s no evidence from anywhere that actually works. It’s a fantasy completely untethered to reality. You’ve set things up for endless unproductive bickering, not compromise or moderation, because you’ve sent both sides a message that they have The True Support of the People.

The other thing to blame is the state Democratic party leadership. Really guys? 10-point margin – which none of the political consultants or campaign managers I talked to before Election Day imagined was possible – and you couldn’t get any pick-ups in either chamber?

I call bullshit. This proves we badly need a leadership change, and it’s gotta be new blood – we need to put people in charge who have up-to-date political organizing skills, know their way around data-driven campaigning, and can actually raise some goddamn money.

Heads have gotta roll.



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