As PA Dems Reward Colossal 2014 F*ck Up, the PA GOP Plans to Obstruct Tom Wolf

Yesterday, there was a monumental shake up in Harrisburg.  On the one side, the Pennsylvania House and Senate Democrats rewarded Frank Dermody, Jay Costa, Tim Briggs, Dan Frenkel and others responsible for the colossal 2014 Fuck Up – where Pennsylvania Democrats LOST 8 House seats and 3 Senate seats in an election where the incumbent Republican governor lost by double digits – by giving them their leadership positions for another two years.  I think enough has been said on this issue, but the Pennsylvania Democrats are worse than nagging toothache.

And on the other side, the Pennsylvania GOP overthrew the leadership in the Senate and elected Mike Turzai as Speaker of the House.  And guess what!?!?!?!

They plan on obstructing – or nullifying – Governor Elect Tom Wolf every chance they get.

The leader of the Senate Coup D’etat against Dominic Pileggi was the freshman Senator who compared union leaders to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Dan Mcquade from Philly Mag writes:

His leadership was challenged in a letter from freshman Sen. Scott Wagner, of York County, saying Pileggi should be removed from his position for using his “power to obstruct the legislative process, frustrate the Republican Caucus’ agenda, and prevent Pennsylvania from moving forward.”

“I believe you have compromised yourself by accepting such a substantial amount of money from Local 98,” Wagner wrote. “It has become crystal clear to me that you will not allow any piece of legislation onto the floor for a vote that would in any way be opposed by the public or private sector unions.” Other challenges to Pileggi’s leadership followed.

And an unamed Senator told the Patriot News:

“We don’t want a moderate majority leader who’s going to allow Wolf to get things done that are contrary to the overwhelming majority of our caucus,”

So as the Pennsylvania Democrats become more insignificant in the near future, the Pennsylvania GOP plans on using the national GOP playbook: Get nothing done and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.



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