#PAGov: Tom Corbett Goes Marco Rubio on Climate Change

Earlier this week, presidential hopeful and Florida Senator Marco Rubio jumped on the anti-science, “humans aren’t causing climate change” bandwagon to pander to the crazies inside the Republican Party.  In an interview with ABC, Rubio stated:

I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it

Where does Governor Tom Corbett go when StateImpact NPR asks him about man made climate change?  The Governor goes “Marco Rubio” on the issue.  The governor tells NPR:

 I think everybody is taking a look at this. I think some people believe that it is clearly evident and it’s coming very, very quickly. I think there are others who are equally qualified that disagree with that. It’s a subject of debate. 


Looks like there is a disease of stupidity running through the national republican party.  There is no doubt as to who is causing climate change.  Both Marco Rubio and Tom Corbett, who appointed two climate denieres to head the Department of Environmental Protection, believe that there is this debate among scientists, but the only debate that is occuring on this topic is between 98% of the scientific community and the other 2% who have good jobs working as lobbyists for oil and gas industry.  Take a listen below and see is you can tell the difference between the two.


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