#PA13: Brendan Boyle Still Anti-Choice and Still Stumping on “Pro-Choice Record”

In the beginning of the Pennsylvania 13th Congressional Debate, moderator Larry Kane used the first four questions to ask candidates about a single accusation that was made against them during this primary season, and, unsurprising, Kane asked Brendan Boyle about his “pro-choice” record.  Brendan Boyle is still stumping on his “I support Roe v. Wade” shtick, and when confronted about two pro-life pieces of legislation, which Colleen Kennedy at Keystone Politics and I have reported upon, that he has supported, Boyle went into full “deny, deny, deny” mode.  As if it never existed.

Marjorie Margolies and Val Arkoosh both mentioned that Brendan Boyle voted for Act 122, which closed 5 planned parenthood clinics in Pennsylvania.  Colleen Kennedy, who originally wrote about Boyle and Act 122, stated:

State Representative Brendan Boyle (D – 170) is one of dozens who helped to pass Act 122, a law that has resulted in the closure of five women’s clinics so far, since its enactment on December 22, 2011. This wasn’t a shocking move for Boyle to make; he has been a legislative supporter of the pro-life lobby all of his political career, but what is shocking is that his anti-choice record has gone largely unnoticed in the 13th district congressional race. He is the only pro-life candidate in a race in one of the most left-leaning districts in the country, thanks to gerrymandering.

Then during her response, Val Arkoosh goes on to bring up House Bill 1314, not mentioned in the audio below, which was originally reported by myself at the Raging Chicken Press.  The bill that Arkoosh was referencing deals with admitting privileges, which forces abortion service providers to be within 30 miles to the closest hospital.  This legislation, that Boyle cosponsored, was drafted by an ALEC style legislative pusher Americans United For Life, and this legislation is literally responsible for closing some of the last remaining abortion service providers throughout the whole entire South.  This legislation has been used in at least 14 other states with Tea Party controlled governments.

Boyle’s response, which can be heard at the end of the audio clip, basically went like this: “The last anti-abortion bill that came up in the legislative session, I voted against, therefore I am pro-choice.”  When it comes to defending “Roe v Wade,” Brendan Boyle’s hypocrisy on the issue, especially his support of TRAP laws (Act 122) and admitting privileges (House Bill 1314), speaks louder than his rhetoric.  Let’s hope that women aren’t fooled by this wolf in sheeps’ clothing.



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4 Comments on #PA13: Brendan Boyle Still Anti-Choice and Still Stumping on “Pro-Choice Record”

  1. Thank you, Sean, for staying on this race and its true issues. We desperately need a REAL democrat in this House seat.

    • We do. There are two really good candidates in this race. I know which one I am voting for, but having Brendan Boyle as a US House Rep will be horrible. Boyle is good on union issues and inequality, but he won’t be a progressive wavemaker that would push the party to the left. He would be a lackey for the Philadelphia Democratic Machine. We need a democrat who will jump ahead of issues, support public education and support a woman’s right to health care.

  2. ALEC and Boyle—spells the demise of unions—not union leaders! But union rank and file—they are going to have a rude awakening as the years go on and ALEC destroys all that their economic hopes and dreams stand for. Boyle is a foil!
    BOYLE, the FOIL……..Wake up—rank and file!!!!!

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