Governor Corbett Reacts to Governor Corbett Running Away from High Schoolers on Twitter

Like a couple hundred residents of the Philadelphia area who are angry about Governor Corbett’s attack on public education and public higher education, I ventured Broad and Olney to protest Governor Corbett speaking at a Philadelphia public school for the first time in his three year tenure, but Governor Corbett decided not to show up to Central High School to give high school students achievement awards.  To defend his actions, hilarity ensued and Governor Corbett went on Twitter to defend Governor Corbett skipping out on an award ceremony.


Really?!?!  You were scheduled to go to one of Philadelphia’s premiere high schools?  I was there as well!

Well Governor, these are THE magnet schools in Philadelphia, but that’s why those schools don’t have a paid librarian or other support staff members?

“Theatrics?”  Like your monthly poll numbers that are like comedies?

Oh, since you couldn’t be there, you allowed one of your corrupt lackey’s hand out the awards for you?



Yes Governor Corbett, you did have a 4.2 billion dollar deficit, but do you remember how you balanced that deficit?  You gave away our lands to the gas industry, you knocked 80,000 children off of state ran medicaid, you wanted to cut the State System of Higher Education by 50% and you cut education by 1.2 billion dollars, BUT HEY!!!, at least you found a way to slip a campaign donor into your last tweet!


More media will be published on this later on.  Enjoy.

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