#SLASSHE Update – Clarion U Students and Faculty Protest at Sunrise

Photo: Faces of Retrenchment - Clarion University Facebook page

Clarion University students and faculty gathered around 7 am this morning to protest Clarion University president, Karen Whitney’s, plan to gut faculty and programs. President Whitney released a revised “workforce plan” on Tuesday showing plans to eliminate several academic programs and cut 36 jobs, including 18 faculty members. Clarion University faculty and students almost immediately following the surprise release of Whitney’s original workforce plan and have gained significant attention and support from their “Faces of Retrenchment” Facebook page.

Following the protest, the following message was posted to the Faces of Retrenchment Facebook page emphasizing calls to “Stop the Cuts!”:

Protesting the final version of the Clarion University Workforce Plan – which still proposes retrenching 10 faculty members, cutting programs, and furloughing staff – in front of the American Legion Post, where President Whitney and Provost¬†Nowaczyk were having a “Community Breakfast,” at which they were going to discuss their “bold and audacious” plan. President Whitney was heard saying, “30 years ago that would have been me.” Why isn’t it you now?

Being nostalgia about a time when you would have stood up for public education means nothing, President Whitney. What matters is what you do now.

Here’s how this morning protest was tweeted:


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