Revolution or Sequestration?

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Someone has to say it.

Where the hell is the main stream media?


Jesse Hagopian, Alexcia Garcia, John Kuhn, Carol Burris, Alex Kasch, Professors in Massachusetts.  Students in Chicago.

Chalk Face CircleOf course readers of @the chalkface recognize the stories and people listed above.  But what about the rest of the country?  Nothing has changed since I posted this blog last year.  According to our mainstream television media outlets, it’s still “Move along. Nothing to see here.”

Instead we get 24 hours of sequestration television.

I have an idea. Take the spotlight away from our immature elected officials and start covering the story of the century – there is a revolution occurring.  Brave individuals and courageous grassroots organizations are rising up to fight the “faith based” school reform movement and “billionaire boy’s club.”

Is there just one media outlet that has the balls to pull their cameras away from the children politicians and start talking to people that are actually living and practicing democracy?  We don’t give a sh!t about sequestration.  In fact, if you want to end “sequestration” just stop covering it.

Take the cameras off the talking heads of both political parties.  Instead do your damn job!  We have a free press in order to preserve democracy.  Focus your questions and your cameras on the real people trying to save democracy—those that are fighting to save public schools!

Timothy Slekar: Someone Has to Say It! “Someone Has to Say It!” takes on any “media” that prints stupid comments from education reformers. I will also expose the think tanks and special interest advocacy organizations that pose as “research” outlets and make sure to debunk their “findings” as nothing but special interest advocacy. Other “media” outlets be warned. When you print something stupid “Someone has to say it!” So EdWeek, Huffington Post, and all you other education “news” outlets get ready: NCTQ, PARCC, Heritage Foundation and all the other hack reform groups and their propagandists you regularly cite as credible researchers are now targeted. Why? “Because Someone Has to Say It!”

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