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On Tuesday, February 6, PA Governor Tom Corbett gave his “State of the State” address. Two of the features of his plan is to privatize the PA Lottery – which is used to fund programs for seniors – and to sell off the State’s Wine and Spirits shops, tying education funding to the plan to privatize. So, yeah. To put it in the words of Rick Smith, it’s “Gambling for Granny and Liquor for Kids.”

For the best breakdown of Corbett’s address and the impact his policies will have on working and middle-class families, head to The Rick Smith Show. It’s budget, budget, budget talk all week. Get the podcast or follow the links below to listen on-line.

It’s the same before the Governor’s Budget. Check out tonight’s show for a preview – the good, the bad, and the we have no idea.
Myron Arnowitt, Pa State Director or Clean Water Action. Lance Haver on the human services that need to be in this year’s State budget. Sharon Ward on all the money being left on the table, under the table, next door to your house, under the ground, and in your son in laws freezer. Anthony Cody on what last week’s McSchool choice week was really about.

It’s day two of Budget Fest here at The Rick Smith Show! An entire show on the issues within the budget, and we’ll be taking your calls as well.

Guests included: Rob Teplitz on what leverage we have to force a moral budget. Susan Gobreski about how a token increase in education doesn’t even come close to making up for the gutting of the past 2 years. Abe Amoros on how Corbett’s infrastructure plans will hardly pave a road. Michael Froehlich on social services spending and how hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians will remain harmed by Corbett’s war on health care. Jerry Oleksiak, PSEA VP on why this budget isn’t taking out all the stops, or really stopping at all, for children Rick Bloomingdale, President of the PA AFL-CIO wraps up our discussion on the budget

Irwin Aronson on how much we can really fix with Corbett’s timid budget proposal. Rebecca Poyourow, parent and public education advocate with her feelings on Corbett’s budget proposal. Jeff Taylor on the Trans Pacific Partnership. Jamie Patridge, West Coast organizer for Communities and Postal Workers United on the theft of Saturday delivery. Jimmy Hedge, ATU 1181 Executive Board Member on the NYC Bus Strike




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