Deadline for March Issue of Raging Chicken Press Fast Approaching

I’m pleased to report that Raging Chicken Press had more readers in February than any other month since we launched in July 2011. And that’s following an amazing spike in readership in December. Our December issue featured our interview with Noam Chomsky discussing the Occupy movement, political will, and the role of universities in emerging political movements. We thought that was a pretty good get for such a young publication. And sure enough, we saw the number of people visiting RCPress increase by about 400, which was our high point up. February, however, was a whole new animal. We say the number of people visiting RCPress increase by nearly 1,000 over our December high. Pretty amazing.

Donate with WePay In February we also launched our first ever fundraising campaign on WePay. We set our goals based upon what we wanted to accomplish in the short and medium term–$25,000. Yes, that’s a big chunk of change, but it would ensure that Raging Chicken Press would be supported almost entirely by the progressive community. To date we ┬áhave raised only 2% of our goal. If we are not able to do better with our fundraising in the months to come, we are going to have to rethink what’s possible this year. ┬áHaving said that, several people have stepped up to support Raging Chicken Press (and, for you supporters, your gifts should be in the mail within the week!). A special thanks to those supporters–you give us hope that there are progressives out there who think the prospect of building a local/regionally based progressive media site is not only possible, but necessary for the struggles ahead.

Deadline for March Issue:

We are fast approaching the submission deadline for our March issue. The deadline is Saturday, March 10th.

If you are thinking about submitting something, please check out our submission guidelines and let us know if you have any questions. I’m excited that since our February issue hit the interwebs we’ve heard from several people who are interested in contributing. You may have noticed that we’ve added a new regular feature: “The Fracking News.” “The Fracking News” comes to us by way of our new friends out in Western PA, Coalition for a Healthy County. Not only will “The Fracking News” be a regular feature of Raging Chicken Press, it will help anchor what we’re calling an “Early Edition” of Raging Chicken Press that will be published at the beginning of each month. The fact is that we are starting to get quite a few new submissions and instead of cramming all of them into one monthly issue, we’re going to publish a “mini-issue” at the beginning of the month. Look for more details on the RCP Early Edition in the weeks ahead.

That’s it for now. Be back soon!

Bread and Roses,

Kevin Mahoney
Editor Zero, Raging Chicken Press




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Kevin Mahoney is the Founder and Editor Zero of Raging Chicken Press. When he's not rabble-rousing on Raging Chicken, he's teaching rhetoric and writing at Kutztown University.

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