Occupy Kutztown – Day One

I got the chance to spend about an hour at the Occupy Kutztown action in front of the Wells Fargo Bank in Kutztown today. Despite the nasty weather, there was a pretty good turnout.  There were almost double the amount of people right at 11 am…I didn’t get there until around noon (had to go to my office hours). Much of the discussion on that corner was organizing talk. Where can we go from here?



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Kevin Mahoney is the Founder and Editor Zero of Raging Chicken Press. When he's not rabble-rousing on Raging Chicken, he's teaching rhetoric and writing at Kutztown University.

5 Comments on Occupy Kutztown – Day One

  1. This is the real deal right here.

    In NYC you can duck into a crowd unnoticed if you start to feel a little uncomfortable about taking a stand for something you believe in.

    You can’t do that on a corner in Kutztown.

    Your courage is on display in the pics and you need to be celebrated for it.

    Keep on keeping on.

    • Thanks for the note! I really see this as the intersection between the global and the local. After all, it’s not as if the Wall Street wrecking ball has only affected a few blocks in lower Manhattan. They played our economy like a casino and ripped us all off. The fact that a Wells Fargo banks stands where a smaller bank once did speaks volumes. Keep up the fight.

      Oh! And thanks for the link below. Great article.

  2. I’m stunned. The only reason I’ve even heard of Kutztown is that my grandmother went to the college there when it was a tiny teachers college, early in the 20th century.

    That there IS an Occupy Kutztown has to mean something profound about the breadth of the dissatisfaction and anger in this whole country about all the wrongs symbolized by OccupyWallStreet, and all the Occupies.

    Thank you, OccupyKutztown!

    • Thank you, Cheryl! In my mind, Kutztown has been on the brink of exploding for a while now. The administration of the university and his financial folks have turned what used to be a small teachers college into a university bursting at the seams and turning more toward a corporate model of education. At the same time, the university’s building spree was done without adequate input from Kutztown residents. So, just as an example, a huge dorm was built without considering the impact it would have on the townships sewer treatment systems.

      We’re all connected. It’s about time we started fighting back.

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