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  • Cait

    Wonderful piece. The new boosterism on behalf the drilling companies is disturbing to say the least, particularly, as you point out, when it captures the hearts and minds of the citizens whose lives it will destroy. Tap Water is already practically undrinkable in most of PA. If public school curricula is being insidiously poisoned by pro-drilling, pro-privatization propaganda, then as educators and soon-to-be educators, we have a right to fight back by infusing students with critical thinking skills as well as bare bones, no facts withheld accounts of what EXACTLY is happening to their towns, their families, their schools as Corbett’s agenda of privatization at any cost takes root across our state.

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  • Excellent article Kevin! I though you might find this video humorous, http://youtu.be/z96p4Tc6o3s We had a prostest at this well site near Benton. 2 older church ladies were blocking the driveway for 2 hours on a freezing cold day so none of us crazy doctor, professional, soccer mom protesters would park in their drive way. The sign for the church says “Everyone Welcome Sundays”, which explains it. It was Saturday! I did track down the woman in charge of the church and spoke with her. She is leasing her land and tired of hearing about “all this water contamination nonsense, my water is clean”.

  • Jeffery Roan

    Very good article. Like the reference to Fishing creek confedarcy. My father in-law owns that land gonna hit it with the metl detecter soon hehe