Out d’Coup for November 15, 2019


Out d’Coup | Impeachment; Warren Trolls Billionaires; Stephen Miller Emails; Venice Floods; DePasquale Climate Report; FBI Probes Wolf; PA Min Wage Fail; RTK; Space News; Big Free Will Releases

Impeachment hearings begin. 

Elizabeth Warren trolls billionaires

Also this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center released a report on racist, white nationalist emails from senior White House policy advisor Stephen Miller

After Delany disappeared from Presidential race, Deval Patrick, jumps into the Democratic primary to represent the Big Finance wing of the party.  

Significant areas of Venice, including major tourist sites, damaged in historic flooding. Over six feet of water inundated the city. The Veneto Regional council, located on Venice’s Grand Canal, was flooded for the first time in history, literally moments after officials rejected a proposal to combat climate change. 

State Auditor General, Eugene DePasquale, released a report showing that Pennsylvania has already incurred $261 million in costs related to severe weather connected to climate change. DePasquale said that the state’s plan to mitigate the effects of climate change or address its role in worsening the problem is seriously lacking. “Pennsylvania is the nation’s fourth-largest contributor of greenhouse gases,” he said. “We can and must do better.”

The Associated Press is reporting that the FBI has begun a corruption investigation into how Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration came to issue permits for construction on a multibillion-dollar pipeline project to carry highly volatile natural gas liquids across Pennsylvania.

Jake Corman releases a $9.50 minimum wage plan in a push to have a minimum wage deal reached by the end of the year.  Ok, boomer. 

Harrisburg University makes it into The Atlantic for its big varsity program in…wait for it…eSports. 

Heads up vapers….after performing a double-lung transplant on a teen vaper, a surgeon says it’s an “Evil I haven’t faced before.” 

Right to Know docs are in.

China successfully tests a Mars lander, bring their ambitions visit Mars in 2020. 

Scientists have found a superfast star speeding away from our galaxy after being ejected from the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. 

NASA opens up last untouched Apollo Moon Rock Sample

Free Will is releasing the first beer in a new sour line tomorrow with Lavish: Apricot Guava Coconut – Sour Ale brewed with apricot purée, guava purée, coconut, milk sugar, and a touch of sea salt. 

Get ready for Black Friday at Free Will. It’s the annual release of Ella and Ralphius. Tonight’s the “Grand Illumination Celebration” at Peddler’s Villiage.

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