Out d’Coup Podcast | May 20, 2019

Out d’Coup | Biden Chronicles; Abortion Bans; No Impeachment; 23 Dems and Counting; Borowicz White-Nationalist Selfie; PA Abortion Bill; APSCUF; One Pennridge; Space Wilderness; Beer; and, More

Joe Biden’s Revisionist History Tour kicked off in Philadelphia this weekend. Biden goes all in on a middle of the road climate policy? Really? How do you cut a deal with a climate crisis, Joe?

Welcome to the gates of Gilead. Extreme abortion bans set the stage for a Supreme Court challenge to Roe v. Wade. 8 states now have passed anti-abortion bills this year, the worst, of course, being this week’s bans in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri. Elizabeth Warren announces one of the most aggressive plans to defend reproductive rights. If you have not read Rebecca Traister’s article in New York Magazine this past week, do yourself a favor and read it. Her piece “Our Fury Over Abortion Was Dismissed for Decades As Hysteria,” resonates on so many levels. Your anger is an asset and when a political party tells you otherwise, there is a problem with the party.

What do you do after you say the president is the biggest threat to American democracy? You fight hard for robocall legislation, of course.

Really, Bill de Blasio? Good luck to you and your pals from Montana and Colorado. Beto O’Rourke will certainly be your friend. Where’s the ball? Where’s the ball? 23 Democrats now in the race.

AOC gives her staff 3 months of paid parental leave. I would love to be a fly on the wall of Congress right now.

While we were away, noted Islamophobe Stephanie Borowicz was caught taking selfies with white-nationalists from the American Guard.

The Pennsylvania House passed another unconstitutional abortion ban. This time outlawing abortion of fetuses that may have down syndrome. Fifteen Democrats reached across the aisle to support this bill and even though this bill cleared the House, it passed with the lowest vote total an abortion ban has had in decades. And for the legislators who voted against the bill, well, they got an email from Pennsylvanians for Human Life that compared their votes to Hitler and the Holocaust.

APSCUF and PA State System approve an early retirement plan outside of the contract. They say this is what “working together” looks like. The public chumminess leaves out the fact that the plan allows for an expansion of the part-time faculty cap.

Martin Tower, the former international headquarters of Bethlehem Steel, is no more. The building was imploded on May 19th.

I’ll be working the polls in tomorrow’s PA primary election. I’m out there for One Pennridge for the Pennridge School Board election. The team of Kelley Peloquin, Peter Yarnell, Kyle Esposito, Lisa Wilson, and Alex Rajan are the folks to pull the lever for on Tuesday – that’s tomorrow.

A new study warns that unless we start setting rules now, future plans to mine the solar system could destroy our little corner of the Milky Way. The study calls for designating 85% of our solar system as protected wilderness.

Dogfish Head Brewery merging with Sam Adams.

What we were up to during our break.

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