Raging Chicken’s Out d’Coup Podcast for May 3, 2019

Out d’Coup | Barr; Sunrise Movement; Medicare 4 All hearing; Supermajority PAC; Business Unions for Biden; Knock Down the House; Metcalfe Anti-Vax Madness; Climate Denial; Summer Lee; Space News; Beer

Barr’s testimony shows that we are one step closer to full-blown authoritarianism.

House Dems troll Barr’s no-show with chicken.

The Sunrise Movement gets profiled in Rolling Stone as young activists gear up to ensure that climate action is front and center in the Democratic primary debates and the 2020 election. The first-ever hearing on Medicare for All took place in this House this week. Pramila Jayapal gets it done. Stacey Abrams passes on a Georgia Senate run.

Cecile Richards, Alicia Garza, and Ai-jen Poo join forces to launch a new PAC called Supermajority. Supermajority will partner with different groups to educate and train two million women in activism and political participation across the country. According to a press release sent to ELLE.com, Supermajority not only aims to ensure a women’s agenda is represented at the ballot box in 2020, but also to drive change around issues like the wage gap, childcare costs, maternal mortality rates, family leave, and family separation at the border.

Old School Labor makes a strong, white showing for Biden in Pittsburgh this week. Michael Bennet is running for president. Googling “who is Michael Bennet” now. Eric Levitz of New York Mag nails it in his piece, “Why I — a Bland White Guy You’ve Never Heard Of — Am Running for President.

Knock Down the House is now out on Netflix. The film is directed by Rachel Lears and it follows the 2018 primary campaigns of four progressive Democrats taking on entrenched, big money politicians – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearengin.

Navy sailors aboard the USS. Harry Truman  in Norfolk, VA  encouraged to greet Vice President Mike Pence by “clapping like we’re at a strip club.”  

Harrisburg may have actually hit Peak Stupid this week.

On Tuesday, Daryl Metcalfe invited roughly 150 anti-vaxxers and their disease-carrying, non-vaccinated, children to the Pennsylvania Capitol and gave their conspiracy theories a platform by hosting a press conference and introducing legislation to protect anti-vaxxers.

If that wasn’t enough, on Wednesday, the Senate Republican Policy Committee tried to one-up Metcalfe by hosting another sham climate change hearing that had Koch Brother funded geographers, meteorologists, and geologists.  One big takeaway from the hearing is that Senator Scott Martin added “novice Hurricane tracker” to his resume.

Summer Lee along with PA House and Senate Dems held a police accountability rally in the wake of the Antwon Rose verdict.  Speakers included local community leaders and Antwon’s mother, Michelle Kenney.

Looking forward to next week, March on Harrisburg will be arriving on Monday fighting for gift bans.

Galactic Capitalists test the waters, joining Vice commander of Air Force Space Command Lt. Gen. Thompson to make the case that the Space Force is going to be awesome for business. That case was made at this past week’s Future of War Conference in D.C.

China plans on building a moon base in the South Polar region, once again confirming that if you want to know the direction of space exploration, you need to read Kim Stanley Robinson. His latest, Red Moon, features China’s dominance on the moon…centered in the South Polar region.

Virgin Galactic clears another hurdle on its way to its first round of space tourism. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo completed its fifth successful test flight. The $250,000 tickets are going fast now.

Free Will has got ANOTHER double-can release on Saturday:

  • Kangaroo Mob – A No Boil IPA brewed in collaboration with Birds Fly South Ale Project (Greenville, SC) featuring rye malt, Lemondrop hops, Gunpowder green tea, and local lemongrass from Barefoot Botanicals. 5.3% ABV
  • A Ride Down the 5 – Perfect for Cinco de Mayo.  Mexican style amber lager with a soft, bready character, a touch of malt sweetness, and a balanced hop profile with a crisp and clean finish. 5.4% ABV. 

Shout out to friend-of-the-show Mike, who gave me two of his latest homebrew stouts: Rogue Bear Chocolate Stout and Old Rumpole Chocolate Stout. I’m breaking them open this weekend. Thanks, Mike!

Sean has a recap from Forest and Main’s 7th Anniversary Party and an awesome photo shoot in the coming week.

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