Pennsylvania White Nationalist Legislator Daryl Metcalfe Used “Illegal Aliens” Fourteen Times in Six Minute Speech

Let’s get one thing straight.  The Pennsylvania House Republican’s very own white nationalist and Chair of the House State Government Committee, Daryl Metcalfe, is the white nationalist pipe that Pennsylvania Republicans keep smoking so their base can turnout in elections.  And since Daryl Metcalfe is in charge of the House State Government Committee, he decides the fate of many civil rights bills protecting minorities and members of the LGBTQ community.

In October,  Representative Metcalfe gave a six-minute tirade about undocumented immigrants on the House floor and used the term illegal aliens to disparage immigrants 14 times.

The video, which was recently published by the Pennsylvania House Democrats, has Representative Metcalfe saying the following:

  1. A sanctuary campus for illegal aliens.  A sanctuary status for someone who shouldn’t be on our soil Mr. Speaker

  2. For illegal aliens, they’re willing to aid and abet.

  3. Illegal aliens violate our laws from the first step across the border.

  4. A sanctuary campus to aide and abet illegal aliens Mr. Speaker.

  5.  Illegal aliens have a right.  They have a right to go back to where they came from.

  6.  What they think about illegal aliens.

  7. They don’t care what they think about aiding and abetting illegal aliens by their policies.

  8. Stop this magnet for the illegal alien invasion…

  9. To join illegal aliens into our state…

  10. To stop illegal aliens from thinking that they find a sanctuary

  11.  In support of the illegal alien population.

  12. You cannot aid and abet illegal aliens to become a magnet to create…

  13. ….a larger illegal alien invasion in this country and this state…

  14. stop the illegal alien support.  Support Pennsylvanians

After this epic tirade by Daryl Metcalfe, Philadelphia Representative Chris Rabb broke out the rule book and asked House Speaker Mike Turzai if the term “illegal alien” was indecent and stricken from the record.  Turzai then reads the rule that Rabb was questioning and states that the term “illegal aliens” isn’t indecent because of its use in “everyday parlance.”

This tirade on the House Floor, which hasn’t been seen by the general, comes a month and a before Metcalfe’s latest homophobic rant claiming that men can’t touch him because he is a hetero.    Metcalfe once invited a devout white nationalist to defend English becoming the official language of Pennsylvania and tried to stop Representative Sims, an openly gay member of the legislative body, from speaking on the House Floor because of “God’s Law.”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, House Representative Brian Sims and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party have all called on House Republicans to remove Daryl Metcalfe from his leadership role.  House Speaker Mike Turzai, who is currently running for Governor, has refused to do so.

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