FreedomWorks Used Fake Twitter Accounts to Support Union Busting Legislation in Pennsylvania

Over on Twitter, FreedomWorks was exposed by PA Spotlight for using an army of fake twitter accounts to promote “Paycheck Protection” in Pennsylvania.  The bill legislation that FreedomWorks is advocating for would make it illegal for public sector unions to automatically deduct dues out of their members’ paychecks.  Essentially choking the funding for public sector unions.   PA Spotlight fired the opening shots in this fued with:


And then the day of tweeting between PA Spotlight and employees from the Commonwealth Foundation and FreedomWorks off to the races.  The exchanges between the combating parties devolved towards the point where a FreedomWorks employee posted a selfie of himself holding today’s Wall Street Journal to prove that he is not a “bot.”

Pam Know (@PamKnox82210053) an account that was created in January 2017 tweeted for the first time last night.  The same goes for Ron Kunda (@rck1248).    That Twitter account was created in March 2011, but the time stamp for its first tweet was “6:21 PM 4 Dec 2017.”  The tweets coming from this army of bots and FreedomWorks employees said ” Please support paycheck protection (SB 166 and HB 1174)!,” and shared a link promoting the Commonwealth Foundation’s current efforts to gut public sector unions.

Its still 2017 and this is how absurd attacks against the working class have gotten.  FreedomWorks, an organization that has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Pennsylvania’s very own Sarah Scaife Foundation and other Koch Brothers organizations, creates this Twitter campaign that uses fake accounts and specifically targets Pennsylvania Republican leaders to support the legislation.  And to tie it all together, these accounts promoted content from Commonwealth Foundation, which is connected to the Koch Brothers through State Policy Network.

Here are some of the tweets:

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