Out d’Coup | Suppressing the Media; G20 Kicks Off; Wolf Says ‘NO’ to Kobach; #PABudget; H’burg Police Gear Up; Cosplay Patriot Shoots Hisself; Challenger for Smucker; and a Ton of Space News!

The 4th of July does not give us a break from the degradation of our democracy. Ted Cruz gets Trump embrace for a heartless health care plan. The Washington Post reports that a new analysis from the right-wing American Enterprise Institute shows that the White House gender pay gap has more than tripled in the first six months of Trump rule. Trump organization turns to social media and the Justice Department to increase attacks on media.  Rachel Maddow issues warning to journalists after exposing forged secret documents. Trump has trouble finding a hotel room in Hamburg as G20 protests explode ahead of the beginning of today’s summit. Trump builds alliances with global strongmen. Zombies march in Hamburg’s streets. And California Governor Jerry Brown announces climate summit next year in San Francisco. Here’s mud in your eye, Donny.

Right-wing militia wannabe shoots hisself at Gettysburg. He was there to defend dead Confederate soldiers against the threat of a fake Antifa action. Pennsylvania faces yet another credit downgrade as fake budget still in search of funding. PA’s Republican House Majority Leader Dave Reed saying Thursday there is still no agreement. House is in session today. Senate will be in session tomorrow. There’s always the Chris Christie option – Shut down the government to get primo beach space for you and your family. Harrisburg police lobbying city council for $65,000 to militarize their operations. Republican Congressman Lloyd Smucker from Lancaster gets the first challenger for 2018. Bring the class and pipeline war. As Gov. Wolf doubles down on fossil fuels and Trump walks away from the Paris Agreement, global automakers are making big moves to go electric. Volvo just announced it will be ALL electric or hybrid beginning in 2019. France announces it will end sales of gas or diesel cars by 2040. Norway will ban non-electric or hybrid cars by 2025. And Tesla rolls out the Tesla 3 today.

In today’s last call, PA Gubernatorial hopeful Paul Mango gets spiritual in the Capitol. And, we’ll sort out the biggest story of the summer – are babies being secretly sent to Mars to become slaves? Yes, NASA actually had to weigh in on this one. Insert facepalm here. Robocop is real…in Dubai. And, Raging Chicken takes step toward Houston for first annual SpaceCom.  

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