Congressman Scott Perry: I’m Done Having Children. So Why Should I Pay for Maternity Care?

Mothers Day weekend is here.  So it is only fitting that we talk how big of an asshole Congressman Scott Perry really is.  The day after Congressman Perry voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act the Congressman met with Alissa Packer and Leon Reed from the Indivisible Action PA 4th chapter and Stephanie Gray, an insurance actuary.  The meeting was happening inside his Wormleysburg office, and according to Alissa Packer, the Congressman gave them permission to record the meeting.  This meeting was going on when over 40 constituents gathered outside his Wormleysburg office to protest his decision to repeal the ACA.

At the end of the video, Alissa Packer and Stephanie Gray were pressuring Cognressman Perry on maternity care because maternity care services would be one of the first employer based services dropped if the ACA is repealed.  Congressman Perry told the women, “I don’t want maternity care.  I have two children, and we’re not having anymore.  I don’t want to pay for maternity care,” and finished the conversation with “you’re asking me to pay for things I’m never going to use.”

Here is a transcript of that interaction followed up by the video:

Stephanie Gray: I think one of the points why it may feel like a war one women or it could disproprtionately impact women if states, I don’t think Pennsylvania will do this, but if the state does take the waiver for the essential health benefits, one of the first things to go for individual insurance will be maternity care. Prior to the affordable care act, unless you have employer based insurance, you cannot buy maternity care.

Congressman Scott Perry:  I don’t want maternity care.  I have two children, and we’re not having anymore.  I don’t want to pay for maternity care.

Alissa Packer: But that’s a societal…who is going to take care of you when you’re old?

Perry:  But that has nothing to do with maternity care.  We’re talking about the cost of bearing children.

Packer:  The women who are having the children need to have them in a safe manner.

Perry:  No, I agree completely, but I’m not having anymore.  You’re asking me to pay for things that I’m never going to use.

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  • Maureen Leuszler

    I didn’t want to pay for your wife’s maternity care or your children’s medical care while you were reproducing illogical people like yourself. You are the reason Obamacare had a mandate, so that people like you don’t think you can pick & choose when you should start insurance and what your insurance policy company should cover. You’re a Congressman who should know exactly how insurance works and insurance will never be a choose 5 things you want operation. You know, don’t you, that if all the fat people on a boat sit on the same side, the weight will tip the boat over. You have got to distribute the weight proportionally. You are being deliberately obtuse. Shame on you! What about your recent bill to help epileptic or seizure prone children? I’m not seizure prone and neither is anybody in my extended family of 150 people. We don’t want to pay for illnesses that we don’t have and statistically won’t get. We, the American people, would like to take your health insurance away from you, your wife, and your 2 kids. The American people want you to climb into the same boat that you have put the American people in your plan.

    • richsmith

      Applying logic when confronted with an illogical statement has no logic at all. This guy is a babbling idiot. What fools voted for him. Are they so bound to such idiocy that they continue to vote for the same idiot over and over again?

  • Susan

    Boy, this guy’s a real selfish jerk. It’s like taxes, dummy — you don’t get to choose what your tax dollars are used for…you just pay them with the belief that they will be used to benefit our society. That’s what citizenship and community and compassion are all about — contributing to the safety and welfare of ALL the people so no one is excluded. If we had universal/single-payer health care, it would operate the same way — for the good of ALL our citizens.

  • Colleen Fitzgerald

    “You’re asking me to pay for things I’m never going to use.” The ignorance is just breath taking.