I didn’t want to pay for your wife’s maternity care or your children’s medical care while you were reproducing illogical people like yourself. You are the reason Obamacare had a mandate, so that people like you don’t think you can pick & choose when you should start insurance and what your insurance policy company should cover. You’re a Congressman who should know exactly how insurance works and insurance will never be a choose 5 things you want operation. You know, don’t you, that if all the fat people on a boat sit on the same side, the weight will tip the boat over. You have got to distribute the weight proportionally. You are being deliberately obtuse. Shame on you! What about your recent bill to help epileptic or seizure prone children? I’m not seizure prone and neither is anybody in my extended family of 150 people. We don’t want to pay for illnesses that we don’t have and statistically won’t get. We, the American people, would like to take your health insurance away from you, your wife, and your 2 kids. The American people want you to climb into the same boat that you have put the American people in your plan.