White Nationalism Posters Found on Kutztown University (again), Penn State University and York College of Pennsylvania

Poster found in Kutztown University's science building

Fliers promoting the White Nationalist – or  the alt-right – podcast “The Daily Shoah” were spotted on Kutztown University’s campus.  This is the second time this semester material promoting white nationalism was spotted on the university’s campus.  The first round of leafleting happened in February, and was part of “Identity Evropa’s” ongoing nationwide recruitment campaign.”  This past month Identity Evropa recruitment posters were found on Penn State’s and York College of Pennsylvania’s campuses.

The latest incident at Kutztown University involves a promotion poster for the alt-right podcast “The Daily Shoah.”  The poster was found in the university’s Boehm science building, and it uses anti-semetic stereotypes to depict a Jewish man.  The podcast “The Daily Shoah” is broadcasted on The Right Stuff, which according to the Southern Poverty Law Center is “a neo-Nazi website and forum second only to [Andrew] Anglin’s Daily Stormer.”  In the beginning of 2017, The Right Stuff was caught up in a dox (document dumping) that revealed the identities of the website’s founders.  The website is ran by “Mike Enoch,” whose real name is Mike Peinovich, and the dox also revealed that Peinovich is a web developer living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and married to a Jewish woman.  According to the SPLC:

Peinovich [Mike Enoch] has been one of the most influential leaders of the racist “Alt-Right.” He is responsible for creating the Internet meme of putting triple parentheses around Jewish names, a meme that grew from the echo sound effect he used on The Right Stuff whenever Jewish names were mentioned.

After the Identity Europa fliers were spotted on Kutztown’s campus, students and faculty members organized a march against hate throughout the campus.   Close to 75 to 100 students and faculty members attended the march.

Within the past month, more recruitment posters from Identity Europa have been found on Pennsylvania college campuses.  The two latest universities to be targeted with these recruitment posters were York College of Pennsylvania and Penn State University.


Penn State University’s Director of News and Media Relations Lisa Powers provided the following statement when the Identity Europa fliers were discovered:

We are aware of the posters appearing on public campus bulletin boards here and across the nation as part of an organized campaign promoting a non-inclusive agenda. The posters are designed to provoke anger and divisiveness, and intimidate others. As a University that fosters diversity and inclusion — we find the posters and the responsible group counter to our values. The organization posting them is not a recognized Penn State student organization and has targeted dozens of universities across the country.
Posters that are found on Penn State bulletin boards designated for use only by University organizations, under normal policy and practice, will be removed. Some of these posters, however, may appear on public boards. Those will not be removed but may be relocated if they are used to block other posted documents. As an institution of higher education, Penn State fully supports the right of free speech and encourages its expression in thoughtful and respectful ways, even when we strongly disagree with the opinions expressed.
The University would like to emphasize that every student on this campus has earned the right to be here based on their academic qualifications and hard work. Penn State is enriched by students and scholars from around the world and we will continue to be a campus dedicated to building a safe, supportive and welcoming learning environment that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion.
 We will covering this story as it continues to unfold.
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