Pat Toomey’s Silence Continues Trump’s Attacks on the Free Press and the First Amendment

Roughly 200 constituents attended today’s Tuesdays with Toomey rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the absentee Senator is still nowhere to be found.  Hundreds more attended rallies in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and the protest movement appears to have no end in sight.  This week’s rallies centered on the First amendment and the free press.  The Harrisburg speakers included representatives from the ACLU of Pennsylvania, the local immigrant and Muslim communities, and your’s truly.

After the election, Senator Toomey promised that he would not be a “rubber stamp” for the Trump Organization.  He has been anything but that.  He voted to send a racist to lead the Justice Department, a climate change denier to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, home foreclosure gangsters to lead the Treasury and billionaires to lead the Department of Education and the State Department.  However, Senator Toomey’s largest misgiving is his silence.

Senator Toomey has taken part in belittling his constituents weekly right to assemble by claiming that they are “paid protesters” and has stood quietly when Donald Trump or the Trump Organization continuously levied their attacks on the press.  When Trump or the Trump Organization attacks the press, those who assemble in opposition to him or marginalized religious communitites, Senator Toomey’s silence on these issues makes the Senator complicit and partly responsible for Trump’s attacks on the First Amendment.

Now it’s time for tweets from today’s demonstrations.

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