Raging Chicken Editor Talks Fake News and Media Culture on WITF’s “Smart Talk”

This morning I had the opportunity to join a discussion on truth and lies in today’s political culture on WITF’s “Smart Talk” hosted by Scott Lamar.

Here’s the description for today’s show:

Discourse in America has taken an unpredictable turn in the 21st Century as “truth” and “lies” seem to have become interchangeable.

While Americans have become inured to the smudging of facts by advertisers, political leaders and certain media outlets, the brazenness of the unapologetic lying in both mass and interpersonal communication has been taken to a level that makes people question their perceptions of reality.

On Friday’s Smart Talk, we’ll discuss the value of truth and the harm of lies, how to differentiate the two and what we can do to promote honest dialogue to develop sustainable relationships with other people and institutions.

You can listen to the entire show right here:



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