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There’s a lot of talk radio/podcasts out there. Finding good progressive shows can be difficult. The majority of the “over-the-air” talk radio is slanted toward the right. There are some awesome voices out there who take a more progressive view of the world. To help you get started, here’s a list of some great progressive podcasts.

My Top Shows

  • The Rick Smith Show – Rick is a good friend of Raging Chicken Press and puts on a 5-day-a-week show that airs on the radio, streams-live on YouTube, and is in podcast form.
  • Out d’Coup – A bit of a self promotion here. Out d’Coup is our podcast hosted by our very own Kevin Mahoney and Sean Kitchen. It’s a daily dose of PA and National politics. Personally, it’s a must listen.
  • Media Roots – This podcast is hosted by journalist Abby Martin and her brother, documentarian Robbie Martin. Not always safe for work, due to the occasional F-bomb; it’s a must listen.
  • KCRW’s Left, Right & Center – This podcast put on by NPR affiliate KCRW is a great program for anyone who wants to try and listen to all sides of the political spectrum.
  • Politics, Politics, Politics – This podcast is put on weekly by veteran podcaster Justin Robert Young. He’s a bit salty and sassy but worth a listen.
  • Intercepted – The official podcast from the adversarial journalist outlet, The Intercept. Co-founder Jeremy Scahill does a great job and has some really interesting guests on. The production quality is superb.
  • ProPublica – This is as a great podcast put together by the non-profit investigative news outlet ProPublica.
  • Democracy Now! – An old standby, Amy Goodman is a veteran news reporter and anchor. This show like The Rick Smith Show is made for Radio, but also is released daily, during the week, via Podcast.
  • The Young Turks – This is more of a YouTube show, but they do have podcasts for paying members. TYT has been around since the early 2000’s. Cenk Uygur and team run a great show and network.

Honorable Mentions

  • East Meets West – This show is an often-monthly podcast put on by veteran podcasters Tom Merritt and Roger Chang. They don’t just talk politics, rather everything and everything.
  • The David Pakman Show – This show is good, but in my opinion has too many commercials, which aren’t broken out well.
  • The Majority Report – This show, hosted by Sam Seder is great, but I’ve only listened to a few so far. [Editor’s Note: if you ask me, this should be a go-to podcast for anyone leaning left. The Majority Report and the Rick Smith Show are my two daily doses of smart, political talk – Kevin Mahoney].
  • Jacobin – A print and Web publication first, a podcast second. It’s a well produced show from a socialist perspective.

I know I’ve probably missed a ton of other great progressive podcasts. Share your favorites in the comments below.


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